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[1.8.x 1.9.x 1.10.x] Probe Control Unlimiter

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Hi everyone! I have once failed my reusable stages landings due to loss of signal. You know, powered landing in limited probe control is not the easiest part of the game. Within stock settings I can either disable commnet and always have full control and science transmitted without limitations or have limited or none probe control if commnet is enabled. But I want both full control and simulated science transmission at the same time! I don't really feel like making my own kOS/kRPC scripts (cmon, I use my codeskillz for mods and I need a game, not a yet another IDE xD).

So here we are - I have released a new micro-mod "Probe Control Unlimiter". It inserts its own simple PartModule that provides full probe control if it sees a ModuleCommand providing partial probe control.


Probe Control Unlimiter

No more SigLoss failures!


Download from GitHub or via CKAN

License - MIT

Dependency - ModuleManager

A bit of WARNING:

1) It removes hibernation option as it would not limit control

2) I don't think there is any chance it will work with RemoteTech. AFAIK there is a similar mod for RT.

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1 hour ago, flart said:

Could you achieve the same without dll, just by changing every internal antenna power to 100G by MM-patch ? 

You will be having control everywhere, and science still needs antennas.

1) The idea is to keep comms for science as is.

2) Plasma and celestial blackouts won't be covered.

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