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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Complete Screenshot Challenge

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Calling all Console Kerbonauts!

This Wednesday the 16th, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Complete launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We want to highlight the most creative Console Kerbonauts from the community in anticipation of the release.

Upload your best console capture footage by September 16th using either or both of the History & Parts Pack and Breaking Ground DLC's, and we'll feature our favorites, plus contact you individually.

Happy Launches!

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The update doesn’t work. I can’t update KSP Enhanced Edition 1.10. I am on 2.1 (when maneuver nodes are introduced). Why is this? Please help.

Why doesn’t it work. The other updates from before don’t work either. How come.


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This is NOT and update. Although we're currently working on bringing the Shared Horizons Update to consoles, KSP EE Complete is a complete version of the game (with both DLCs) that you can purchase in a single bundle for either PS4 or Xbox One. 

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