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Hola ..he estado algún tiempo jugando, y ahora estoy interesado en probar motores nuevos, podrían porfavor recomendarme un mod con el cual pueda conseguir menos motores... 

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Hi .. I've been playing for some time, and now I'm interested in testing new engines, could you please recommend a mod with which I can get less engines ...

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Welcome to the forum @Nemoksp, your question has been moved to add-on discussions for better visibility of our mod using members. I've also added a translation to your post because we have a rule that all comments require an English translation, outside of the international section. This is because not all members are using browsers or devices that support automatic translation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Bienvenido al foro @Nemoksp, su pregunta se ha movido a discusiones complementarias para una mejor visibilidad de nuestros miembros que usan mod. También agregué una traducción a su publicación porque tenemos la regla de que todos los comentarios requieren una traducción al inglés, fuera de la sección internacional. Esto se debe a que no todos los miembros utilizan navegadores o dispositivos que admiten la traducción automática. Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente.

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What exactly are you looking for? Small rockets, big rockets, ion/plasma thrusters, fusion drives, nuclear thermal rockets..?

For small rockets, RLA Reborn and Probes Plus both have a nice selection of small and small-ish parts, from probe cores to engines and fuel systems, and Luciole is dedicated entirely to small-scale rockets. There’s also the SSR Micro-sat which is a nice little cubesat with engines and other parts to match, and OctoSat which is a modular system that includes various engine types and is slightly smaller than 1.25m when fully assembled.

Big rockets, look at Near Future Launch Vehicles which recently got a big overhaul and contains engines, fuel tanks, payload parts and engine cluster mounts in the 5m and 7.5m size brackets. There’s also Restock+ which adds clones of the Making History parts at 5m scale, and as Restock and the Near Future mods are made by the same person they have a consistent style and don’t overlap in that 5m category. There are others, but those are the mods I’ve used frequently.

Near Future Propulsion supplies several types of ion and plasma thrusters from a souped-up Dawn thruster to 2.5m PIT and VASIMR engines that drain literally thousands of power per second; you’ll probably need Near Future Electrical or some other nuclear reactor mod to power them.

Nuclear rockets can be found in a few different places- Kerbal Atomics is the one I’m most familiar with, which by default runs the nuclear engines on hydrogen and swaps the stock NERV to do the same, but you can switch them all to liquid fuel if you prefer. There’s a 2.5m super NERV in Restock+ as well as some in RLA but at a smaller scale and a few older mods that add clusters of nuclear engines- I think you’ll find some of those if you look for ‘recycled parts’ on Spacedock or CKAN. There are also at least two mods that add an Orion drive which detonates nuclear bombs for propulsion- not recommended for launching at the KSC!

Fusion tech and more exotic propulsion systems can be found in a few places, most notably KSPIE and the soon to be overhauled Far Future Tech. There are a few mods that give you warp drives, teleportation beacons and similar.

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