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I just bought Making History but have no idea of what to build

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Yes, I recommend building a smaller rocket or 2 to get started (Vostok, Soyuz, etc.), then build yourself a good Saturn V. To do it right, you really need Modular Launchpads. If you don't feel like building a rocket, I know that it gives you stock craft (Acapello is the Saturn V, for example)

Also, just build your own original, non-human rockets with the new parts.

Get insane! Think like a kerbal! Make a 5 meter rocket, then radially attach 4 or 6 more 5 meter tanks on it! Burn up on exiting the atmosphere, not entering! \Go crazy! The only limit is your imagination! (and how good your computer is, otherwise you will experience          lag.

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IMHO, one of the best features from Making History is the Mission Editor.

And one of the best Missions built with it is this one - you may want to try it once you get a grasp on the new parts:


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