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2 minutes ago, TitiKSP said:

my level is bringing probes or rovers duna and bringing kerbals to mun and back. 

Maybe you could try a Duna return mission with Kerbals? For me this step was quite intimidating at first and you really want to be able to perform a rescue mission (just in case) so I would recommend learning how to dock first if you don't know how yet. This ability will allow you to perform more a efficient Apollo style mission by using and then discarding landers and ascent modules.

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If you can get to Mun and back getting everywhere else is just a matter of practice. I'd suggest scaling up your Mun ship and seeing if it can go to Duna and back. 

And your English is fine. :)

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I'm currently doing several missions to Jool to construct a space station in orbit. Sure, it's taken a while to get the core of the station put together, but it is fun! I'll probably need at least four more launches, rendezvous, and docking in the orbit of Jool before it's done. And of course, then I will begin mining ore from one of the moons to keep the station's LFO and monopropellant full.

I've been playing KSP since .18 and back in those days, there wasn't a science or career mode. So, I  prefer to set my own mission goals, so to speak.

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