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0.17 Easter eggs


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SECRET SOUND: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vncenly84hxrapj/secretsound.wav

Please see if you can decode it and post the picture it produces!

This is the best image I have got so far



This, I believe, is the full picture. The sound drops off after this is rendered and doesn't pick up again until near the end of the clip, but that just renders a garbled mess of colours. I'm pretty sure this is the full picture.


I rendered these in RX-SSTV after modifying some settings. You are encouraged to render your own images so we can be sure this is the correct image!

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Could it be that there is a receiver on Ike? The mysterious red line looks like a signal pathway from Duna to Ike. They are tidally locked to each other, so a constant signal could be maintained.

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Looks like a piece of real-life rover debris.

Has anyone found the secret on Eve? Nova said that he would put a secret on every planet, and that there would be only one monolith outside of Kerbin's SoI.

What's the bst way to find secrets? Low- altitude orbits on airless planets or dropping random debris and seeing the area where it hits?

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