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CKAN (The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network) - v1.31.2 Juno


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After coming back from a hiatus I just wanted to be part of the wonder that the actual compatible KSP version for Realism Overhaul / RP-1 is the actual KSP version.

So I did a fresh install, downloaded CKAN and let it do its job according the manual.
Everything allright.
I added a handful of suggested and compatible mods.

Today I see there is an update for ROEngines, so I want to update it with CKAN.
I click the checkbox in the "Update" column, click "Apply".
It lists a whole bunch of mods it claims it will remove, saying "Auto-installed, depending modules removed".

I don't believe that CKAN could be so dumb or malicious, so I click "Continue".

Really, it deletes all those mods.

What the heck?
Is CKAN so counter-intuitive that it's impossible to update one mod without deleting dozens of others?

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Just wanted to note that the people you're criticizing are basically the same as you, CKAN users who experienced a problem, except they then chose to donate their time to try to make it better instead of posting a rant with phrases like "dumb or malicious" and "counter-intuitive".

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It's not a rant, it's a first impression. I did not use CKAN all those years before my hiatus and there was a reason why, I just do not remember exactly and in detail what it was.


For clarification:
How do I update a mod that is flagged as being updateable then?

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Okay, I got it.

For some reason also several checkboxes for "auto install" where checked where they should not be checked. As soon as they are, stuff gets removed. I don't understand the underlying logic for that behaviour, but at least I found the culprit.

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7 hours ago, Gordon Dry said:

Okay, I got it.

For some reason also several checkboxes for "auto install" where checked where they should not be checked. As soon as they are, stuff gets removed. I don't understand the underlying logic for that behaviour, but at least I found the culprit.

Mods that are not explicitly required for installation by the user, but needed as a dependency of another mod, will be marked auto-installed. The idea is, if a mod is removed, auto-installed dependencies are removed as well (unless another mod depends on them). This way, your game will not be left with useless texture or library mods that would not be needed after you decide to remove a mod.

I'm not well versed in computer sciences, but I believe it is a similar concept as the "autoremove" command of some package managers.

Also, note that the RP1 bundle of mods is extremely complex, with dependencies depending on dependencies and checks for compatibility everywhere. You might have hit an edge case caused by updating a specific mod, and maybe one of the extra mods you installed created a weird relationship pattern conflict.

In any case, I hope you were able to get your game working again, and that your spaceships are now flying again :kiss:

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  • 1 month later...

For those living under a rock, the game devs have announced an early access launch date and price point for the sequel:

CKAN has been planning and preparing for this for a while (see #2863). Trying to set some expectations:

  • The version of CKAN that you have installed right now will NOT recognize KSP 2 or install mods for it
  • We have already refactored parts of CKAN to make game-specific aspects isolated and easily swappable (see #3223#3308#3319, and #3478), but we will need to get our grubby hands on it to see what those parts should actually look like for the new game
  • We have not seen an install of the new game in person or received any inside info from the devs (and we are not planning to request such; we will be in line for early access along with everyone else)
  • We will also need to make changes to CKAN's background infrastructure, such as making new NetKAN and CKAN-meta repos for the new game and updating the bot to use them
  • We don't know how long this will take; it could be anywhere from a few days to a few months
  • We'll be buying the new game (or not) as individuals, not via team funding. If you'd like to help defray my personal fifty-buck expense, my paypal is here:
    (Full disclosure, donations in excess of $50 will be kept by me to pay for day to day living expenses)
  • Contributions of code, testing, documentation, etc. are of course always welcome! The best place to coordinate that is probably somewhere on our Discord (there's no channel for KSP 2 yet, but maybe there should be):

Happy rocket sequeling!

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Hi @HebaruSan going back to the indexing issue I was seeing...



Now it's not always showing the update available checkbox although there are some available for Parallax (1.3.1 to 2.0.4) and Ferram Aerospace Research Continued ( to I see in Github and post above you all are working on the next update... any due date? 

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18 minutes ago, Krazy1 said:

any due date? 

No. Did you have a chance to try the test build I linked last time?

I don't think the thing I mentioned last time would affect whether the update checkbox appears. That would more likely be caused by one of your installed mods conflicting with the update (especially a mod like Parallax which has had backwards-incompatible updates).

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On 10/21/2022 at 6:41 PM, HebaruSan said:

you can try the main dev build

I used that main build. Well it certainly found old metadata, but I suppose this is normal?


The following mods have had their metadata changed since last update:

- xScienceContinued
- KSPCommunityFixes 1.23.0
- Waterfall 0.9.0
- EasyVesselSwitch 2.3
- QuickBrake 1:
- ProgressParser 11.0
- ImprovedUpdatedChaseCam
- PortraitStats 18.0
- StockWaterfallEffects 0.7.0
- EditorExtensionsRedux
- EasyBoard 1.10
- HangerExtenderExtended
- Scatterer 3:v0.0838
- KerbalAlarmClock v3.14.0.0
- KerbalEngineerRedux
- PlanetShine
- PlanningNode v0.1.4
- DistantObject v2.1.1.9
- SmartDockingAid v1.1.0
- Scatterer-sunflare 3:v0.0838
- PlanetShine-Config-Default
- Kopernicus 2:release-1.12.1-139
- TriggerAu-Flags v2.11.0.0
- Parallax-StockTextures 1.3.1
- Trajectories v2.4.3
- TextureReplacer v4.5.3
- ShipManifest
- SimpleFuelSwitch 1.4.2
- SpaceTuxLibrary
- SpaceY-Lifters 1.17.2
- DistantObject-default v2.1.1.9
- ContractsWindowPlus 9.4
- ContractParser 9.0
- ToolbarController 1:
- Parallax 1.3.1
- BetterLoadSaveGame
- TweakScale v2.4.6.16
- KSP-Recall v0.3.0.3
- ZeroMiniAVC 1:
- FillitUp
- ModuleManager 4.2.2
- QuickGoTo 1:
- ReentryParticleEffect
- ModularFlightIntegrator
- WaypointManager
- TacFuelBalancer v2.21.5.2
- AlternateResourcePanel 1:v2.11.0.0
- Olympic1ARPIcons 2:
- Scatterer-config 3:v0.0838
- TweakScale-Redist v2.4.6.16
- EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 3:
- B9PartSwitch v2.20.0
- ClickThroughBlocker 1:
- TransferWindowPlanner v1.8.0.0
- PreciseManeuver 2:
- HaystackReContinued
- Harmony2
- AntennaHelper 2:
- BetterBurnTime 1.10

You should reinstall them in order to preserve consistency with the repository.

Do you wish to reinstall now?

Then it looked the same. Spectra 1.6.3 still showed unindexed red relationships, so I updated to 1.6.5 and it looks good- no index issues. Yay 

Only issue then was the update for Parallax mentioned above but it's a major update on that mod. I had to manually remove the 2 files from v1.x and install the 3 new files for v2.x. All good. Thanks

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On 8/4/2022 at 3:18 AM, RB101 said:

Is there any chance of getting a Flatpak of ckan made for Arch Linux? (specifically SteamOS)

ckan is currently un-usable on steam deck without modifying the core OS to install mono (which is set to "immutable" by default) and breaks every time the OS updates. 

I was also hoping that a CKAN Flatpak or AppImage might be in the works for SteamDeck-compatibility...    just commenting to express interest.

On a side note, packaging in one of those distro agnostic formats could simplify general Linux support, and would support other distros with immutable filesystems.

Edited by RoboRay
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  • 2 weeks later...

The CKAN client v1.31.2 "Juno" is released!


Changes since v1.31.0


  • [GUI] Korean translation of GUI (#3606 by: Kingnoob1377; reviewed: HebaruSan)
  • [CLI] Tab completion for ckan prompt (#3515, #3617 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Context sensitive help (#3563 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Add install size to metadata and display in clients (#3568 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [CLI] Create a system menu entry for command prompt (#3622 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Internationalize Core, CmdLine, ConsoleUI, and AutoUpdater (#3482 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Check free space before downloading (#3631 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Many improvements for failed downloads (#3635, #3637, #3642 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Show reverse relationships (#3638, #3649 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Debounce search events on all platforms (#3641, #3656 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83, DasSkelett)
  • [Multiple] Improvements for failed repo updates (#3645 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Highlight incompatible mods recursively (#3651 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Support mouse back/forward buttons (#3655 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Core] Resume failed downloads (#3666 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Install dependencies first (#3667, #3675 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Polish translation (#3669 by: WujekFoliarz; reviewed: HebaruSan)
  • [GUI] ModInfo usability improvements (#3670 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Report progress in validating downloads (#3659 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Authors as clickable filter links, combine search links w/ ctrl or shift (#3672 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] New Crowdin updates (#3653, #3695 by: Olympic1; reviewed: HebaruSan)
  • [Multiple] Install incompatible modpack dependencies with confirmation (#3675 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)


  • [GUI] Auto-size buttons in bottom panels (#3576 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [GUI] Hide tray icon at exit via ctrl-C (#3639 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Multiple] Fix auto removal when installing w/ deps (#3643, #3660 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Core] Only show DLL location error if installing DLL (#3647 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)
  • [Core] Fix stale lockfile detection (#3687 by: HebaruSan; reviewed: techman83)


  • CKAN releases are built in clean-room conditions and do not contain viruses. If your virus scanner reports a problem, it's a false positive. Please report it to the company that produces your virus scanner, not us, since it's their software that's not working properly.
  • This release of the CKAN has not been tested on Mono releases prior to 5.20.0. We highly recommend that Mac and Linux users upgrade to the latest stable release of Mono from mono-project.com. You will need the equivalent of the mono-complete package for your OS.

Release image under public domain (created by NASA), courtesy of Wikipedia

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In this release we took a deep dive into CKAN's network code and added the ability to:

  • retry a failed download
  • remove a failed download (and its dependent mods) from your changeset
  • resume partially completed downloads
  • properly cancel in-progress downloads
  • show a progress bar for checking a download's checksums (previously this would happen with no visible feedback, which could look like freezing for large mods)
  • abort an install if you don't have enough free space

In the process, several network-related bugs were found and fixed (including the one where the download screen would just stop). We hope this will provide a better user experience with regard to downloading.

Several improvements were made to the mod info UI, including the ability to show reverse relationships and a tree view of ZIP contents.

Running KSP from a USB thumb drive with a lot of CKAN-installed mods should work better now thanks to some suggestions by the RP-1 team.

We're grateful to the users who contributed new translations, as well as those who helped to extend the existing translations to cover more of CKAN (previously only GUI was internationalized):

  • Korean by Kingnoob1377
  • Polish by WujekFoliarz
  • A little Turkish by Musa Bağrıyanık (just a few spots in GUI for now, more probably coming in future releases)
  • Many revisions to the French translation by @vinix

If you'd like to help with translating CKAN, see:  https://crowdin.com/project/ckan


  • The new release will want to reinstall all your installed mods the first time you run it. Just let it, and it won't happen again. If you're curious, this is because it now knows the install_size of each mod, which would be missing for the existing installed_modules.
Edited by HebaruSan
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