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[BUG] KAL-1000 Controller having memory issues?

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Hi there! I want to open this topic to ask about the KAL-100 Controller.

The issue is basically that the controller forgets the whole track when loading/saving or even when switching/focusing to another ship. I found just a few bugs related to it in 1.7 and 1.8, claimed fixed. But this issue is still present in 1.10 version.

So basically, every time I load the game or switch to another ship, whatever track is on the controller of X ship will be deleted, not sure why. Even weirder, if I dock another ship with a controller to this X ship, one of the controllers will be deleted and the other will be overwritten (even though they have different names and such) only when docking!!

I wanted to ask if anyone know of a fix to these issue or a fast way to add a track, or just simply, copying and pasting a whole controller into another ship (of the same type, same structure, pieces, etc) because i have a huge space station that I have managed to make a circular ring using robotics arm and a controller to make the nice effect. However yeah, is a pain in the ass to add the track every single time since is a huge structure and has lots of robotics parts.

Any help please? And thanks in advance!

For further information, please have a look at this post per example! And keep in mind is not only editor related, but also in flight or in orbit.

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This is a long standing BG bug, and yes it still exists in 1.10.1

I too have had this issue, anyhow there is no official fix or workaround so far as I know, however I do have a potential solution for you. I recently installed the "Breaking Ground Mini Mods" and it is either a coincidence or this mod has somehow addressed this bug. Whether intentional or not (not mentioned in the official mod thread as a fix), after installing this mod my tracks remain when they once disappeared. I hope this helps and you can replicate my results to confirmed my suspicion, as I too would like a permanent fix.

Link to the mod forum page: 


This thread actually contains several mods, I've installed the servo control mod and the more servo's mod. I'm betting it is the servo controller mod that is interacting with this bug and maybe fixing it.

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