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So... I went and built an N1 (Stock With DLC)

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Yeah, enough said. I was in the mood to build a replica, and decided that I wanted to try to build an N1 rocket.




It has most everything in proportion to the real N1, with 30 engines on the main stage, 8 on the 2nd, 4 on the 3rd, and so on. The lander is somewhat bare bones, but functions the same way as the real lander would have. The scale is in kerbal proportions, with the whole rocket being just a little smaller than the stock Acapello rocket. 

As you can see, it mainly has the shape of the N1, but is without much of the finer detail on the rest of the rocket, but I still feel proud of the result. Maybe I'll come back to it later and add some greater detail.

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I went and added more detail and adjusted some things about the rocket. Here's the new iteration:



Not only did I add finer detail to the outer layers, but I also adjusted the length and size of the individual stages, making the proportions slightly better. 


As a funny little coincidence, it's size in comparison to the Making History Saturn 5 replica is close to the size comparison to the real rockets.


And here's some more pictures of the rocket doing an actual mun mission:


If people like this enough, I'll try to upload and share the craft file. I had a fun time building this, and am pretty satisfied with the result.

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