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There's never enough !


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Hello everybody,  I have been lurking around on the forums and playing " the game " for many years, I am not what you would call an obsessive player, I have never played the game other than sandbox and rarely with crew. This is what gives me pleasure. (I have so much to look forward to ) I do not consider myself intelligent, but I have an engineering background of which this game appeals to me. I have an interest in computers, back to the C64! ,  programs and hardware, but no depth to it.

The reason for this post is this:

I like many , many users here, have a dependency for the mods that this "game"  needs to be a fully functioning product. And maybe some modders need this platform to hone their skills on, and so we have a win win situation.

The title " there's never enough"   is because there is no dedication to the modders post as far as i have seen, furthermore a modders post is constantly bombarded with requests, questions and any amount of other quieries and requirements for other mods required plus dependencies and any amount of queries pertaining to it. And yes there are likes...

My point:  do you think a "sticky" for  "praise to modders"    is appropiate, would a forum wide "pat on the back" be a good thing ? or am I just a ranting 62 year old living in a "mod"ern  world !

thanks for reading.

P.S this is no game, it's part of my life.


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2 hours ago, glibbo said:


But in all seriousness, you have a point. Modders make no money off of their mods, save the few who have Patreon links on their pages. They're putting tons of time and work into making KSP, and I think they deserve more praise. You're absolutely right.

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as a[n inactive] player/modder, I mostly make whatever comes to mind, primarily for my own reasons, and just happen to share with the rest of the world, in case someone else may enjoy it too, SpaceDock and CKAN make that all possible, so the majority of the credit goes to their dev team IMHO.

Same applies to crafts on KerbalX.

sharing is caring <3

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I think the point of the OP is that the mod thread (especially popular ones) are often very polluted with praises/requests/bug reports/complaints/off topic talks, and in between the lines the OP seems concerned that the modders have a full-time job responding to all the posts in their thread, and/or it becomes difficult for others to find the relevant technical posts in between the chitchat.

The OP seems to suggest that we split at least some of the praises into a sticky.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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