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[COMPLETED] Beyond Home Space Race - winner! @jimmymcgoochie

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AAARG(r)- Let's get this party started!


Well, someone had to go first, didn't they?

First of all, game settings:



Nothing too major here: science gains at 50%, re-entry heating at 120% (though I may change that if too many things explode); reverts and quicksaves/loads are enabled solely in case the game breaks something. I'm also turning Kerbal experience and G limits on as well as part pressure and G limits; CommNet is on with the occlusion numbers turned up pretty high and plasma blackout on; and part upgrades are enabled too.

The first mission, called Io 1, was over almost before it began- one second of burn from the SRB and a frantic DEPLOY THE PARACHUTE!!! moment later, the pod landed safely (though the SRB exploded on impact) with much science.


First launch completed after less than a minute, though I don't think this counts for first Kerballed launch too as you can only get one milestone per flight? A good haul of science from it anyway:


Three tech tree nodes were unlocked, giving some more science parts and other useful things:


And then the game crashed :( 

The full album: https://imgur.com/a/kxn9J6i

Milestones- First launch at Y1, D1, 0:01 (this also had a Kerbal in it, but one milestone per flight right?)

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Yes, it one milestone per flight, that is unless, it is a submilestone, and so you can get two milestones at the same time. So you will need to do another Kerballed flight. Congratulations to the first post and 15 points earned in the race! If you can complete the flight in less than 1 minute, you can steal the 15 points.

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Wait for us!

AAARG(r) isn't the only one! Trees Industries coming up!





And our first one! Literally. First One on the pad.


Whoop! Fire!


After burnout and 2 experiments, Jeb decided to see what outside was like.



Oh, great...


Your face says the opposite.


EVA Parachutes. Love them or hate them, they're good.


Yay! The capsule and science is okay!


Hail the science! I'll have to do another one, because it was a kerballed launch.

Tree Industries, growing like a tree.

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ok I'm getting an issue where Kerbin is re-colored but all the planets are still there like in stock. I'm in 1.10.1 and Kopernicus is throwing up an error saying that it doesn't work on that version. Do I need to download 1.9 and use that?

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5 minutes ago, camacju said:

ok I'm getting an issue where Kerbin is re-colored but all the planets are still there like in stock. I'm in 1.10.1 and Kopernicus is throwing up an error saying that it doesn't work on that version. Do I need to download 1.9 and use that?

You need the Bleeding Edge version of Kopernicus: 


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AAARG(r)- Moar rockets!


After persuading Mission Control to delay the riotous party they were planning so that more rockets could be launched, a total of three more Io missions were sent up. First, Io 2 carried Jeb to the heady heights of 8km directly over the KSC, before he came back with much science in tow. (I forgot a screenshot of it on the pad with the clock, but it launched right after Io 1 was recovered at 0:01). Milestone: Kerballed launch completed.



No need for any more science unlocks, there's enough there to build an orbital rocket already. Right?

Obviously, after the repeated fiascos with first orbit milestones in the JNSQ Space Race, nobody was going to argue with Val when she said she was flying the Io 3.


Sadly the wimpy little Pug engine on the third stage was woefully underpowered for the job of putting it into orbit and it fell back to the surface with nearly 2km/s of delta-V remaining. Val went on an EVA, theoretically to get an EVA report, although judging by her slightly demented expression that report will probably be littered with profanities.


A safe landing, but in the same Sandy Lowlands biome as the KSC. Val got some surface science and planted a flag for some reason (probably better not to ask) before Io 3 was recovered and much science was gained.



With that extra science in hand, two more tech tree nodes were unlocked to give access to much better rocket parts:


Bigger fuel tanks, the vastly superior Terrier upper stage engine and the first of the cryo engines, which were all immediately put to use on the Io 4:


This one made it comfortably to orbit with over 1km/s to spare. Orbit was confirmed at 0:22:45, please don't tell Val that someone else made it to orbit before she did, again...


2 questions- do you have to complete an entire orbit to get the 'first orbit' milestones, and can I claim both first orbit and first Kerballed orbit for the same flight?

Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/4uQpndu


  • First Kerballed Launch at Y1, D1, 0:01 (no screenshot of it on the launchpad though)
  • First orbit of Kerbin Rhode at Y1, D1, 0:22 (orbit established above the atmosphere, but it hasn't actually completed an orbit yet)
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First mission - Hermes 1
With an almost empty flea booster the mission is over in 55 seconds

Edit: I'm suspicious that the rescale didn't work since KER is reporting a higher TWR for my Hermes 2 rocket than I'm expecting. Is there a way to check? Also I'm just supposed to paste the config into Sigma/Dimensions/settings.cfg right?

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34 minutes ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

2 questions- do you have to complete an entire orbit to get the 'first orbit' milestones, and can I claim both first orbit and first Kerballed orbit for the same flight?

Okay, you'll get the points for the first orbit, but since the kerballed orbit can only be completed if completed alongside with the first kerballed flight or completed in a seperate mission. So you'll have to roll out Io 5. I have a feeling, it'll be big. As for first orbit, yes, you do have to complete a full orbit around Rhode. The launch site will be the reference point. You just have to go over it one time, (You can do that while re-entering, and it'll still count.;))

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It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Green Origin is Dropping from the race. Mostly because I could not get the re-scale to work, no matter how many times I tired to fix it, along with the persistent disappearing terrain bug. I hope the race goes well, my dudes!

(Oh...and I will be starting my own race...We'll be using @DunaManiac's Japris Steller Neighborhood! Stay tuned for that)

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Krazy Labs.Inc: The Dawn of the Krazy Labs.Inc














Rocket Design:

The Norad I SpaceCraft is a Flea Booster with 4 Star Solid Boosters(?) and 2 mystery Goo and a Inline Mystery Goo,with a Camera and a Parachute,with Jebediah as the Pilot Commander,i named the mission as Norad I for Unknown Reasons,and i forgot when i launched it.:unsure:


and now,the Launch Images!



I'm Rotating the SpaceCraft to Rhode's Ocean,for Science!







And now,where firing the 4 star Boosters.



Doing Science(oh,btw some experiments Recognizes Rhode as Kerbin,stopid bugs,nevermind,it doesn't affect me a lot)


Apparently my Ship was about to crash Rhode's surface.


luckily,thanks to the aerodynamics,i managed to pull the ship into retrograde.



oh,and i like how they added 3 moons to Rhode.





and now i'm done.



31 science points!


Current Tech Tree.


  1. First Kerballed Launch of Krazy Labs.Inc at Unknown time... (maybe 0 hours 0 minutes 19-32 seconds?)

Current Plans,Launch the Vanguard 1 into Orbit.



also,a few discrepances you "Might" Find in my Mission Profile.

  1. Unknown Launch Time of Norad I.
  2. Invalid Mods?
  3. BDB is overpowered if not using 3.5 rescale,i'll try my best to nerf the launch vehicles,like reducing the fuel,using less parts,etc.


and unfortunately,due to my impatience,i had to remove EVE as it increased a lot the loading time.:(

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@Dat Kerbal Dude are you using the rescale or not? 

@camacju Do you have the following mods- Kopernicus (bleeding edge for 1.10, regular for any other KSP version- make sure it's the right version of Kopernicus for your version of KSP); Beyond Home; Sigma Dimensions; and the rescale config. You will also need to perform a bit of minor surgery on a Sigma file to stop things falling through terrain or crashing into invisible terrain, see this link: https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-Dimensions/issues/95

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AAARG(r)- Moar orbits!


Now that Imgur is back online and I can actually post these pictures without being saturated by lots of shouty Americans going on about counting things...

Io 4 got the first orbit milestone, but can't also get the first Kerballed orbit milestone; cue a second near-identical rocket piloted by Val to put that right.



Orbit established at 0:33:09 for the first Kerballed orbit milestone.

Both Io 4 and Io 5 went past the KSC on their way back down, so they completed an 'orbit':



And both missions brought back much science:



New parts were unlocked to complete the next milestone- a network of 3 relays in Rhode orbit:


The relays were deployed as part of Europa 1; they're battery powered and will run out of power pretty soon, but in the meantime they've actually been used by a later mission to communicate back to a ground station so they actually do their jobs.



Relays deployed at 1:31:24, the image below was taken a while later when they had spread out a bit:



Full album: https://imgur.com/a/KQG2sOv

Milestones achieved:

  • First Kerballed orbit of Rhode at Y1, D1, 0:33:09- it took a while to actually complete the orbit, but the orbit was established at this point.
  • First network of 3 relays at Y1, D1, 1;31:24- the three relays were all in space at this point, later screenshots show them after they've moved apart a bit due to fat-fingering the timewarp buttons.

Double post inbound because Imgur was broken when I tried to upload Io4/5 and Europa 1 earlier.

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25 minutes ago, camacju said:

@jimmymcgoochie Yes I do

I know that Kopernicus and beyond home are working because the planets have changed. I have sigma dimensions installed and I pasted the text from the rescale config into the settings.cfg file.

That's probably the problem- you should put the rescale config file straight into the GameData folder.

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AAARG(r)- Always have a backup plan!


When we were planning the Callisto mission to land on Lua, the initial idea was to send a probe lander. But then we thought, what if something goes wrong? Lua is a weird little moon with a laughably thin atmosphere (in terms of pressure- 0.06atm at sea level- and height, at less than 15km) so there's a good chance that the landing could go wrong. So a second Callisto mission was launched, this time with a larger booster rocket to give the probe much more fuel for its attempt at landing.

It's a good thing we had a backup!

But before that, some science scraping near the KSC with the new materials bay with the launch of Io 6.



In all the excitement, Jeb forgot to take a materials bay sample from the launchpad, necessitating a small stayputnik/materials bay 'probe' to mop up and push the science total over the line:


(No, that's not a bug with the name- I actually called it that, because it was more interesting than the default Untitled Space Craft')

No screenshots of Callisto 1's launch, just this when it made orbit:


Followed quickly afterwards by Callisto 2, with a bigger and better first stage to give it much more delta-V at Lua:



Both probes made transfer burns within minutes of each other, which caused a bit of a problem as they approached Lua as they would both be arriving at more or less the same time. Some adjustments were made, but it wasn't entirely successful:


Callisto 1 came in too steep, over some mountains, and...



AAARG's first mission failure (so far) and to make matters worse no science was returned due to the frantic button-mashing going on to try and save the mission.

However, that failure was quickly compensated for by Callisto 2:



Not the best landing ever, but it did the job and everything's still functional. Plenty of science gained as well.




  • First landing on Lua on Y1, D2, 1:45:43.

Next up, putting a Kerbal on Lua! Preferably in a manner that means they can come back... This may require a land and return probe first.

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40 minutes ago, camacju said:

I still can't get the config to work. What's the file path I need to put the rescale in?


Just to confirm you have everything? You should have:

When a mod has a GameData folder in it, you need to copy the entire contents of that folder and put it in your KSP GameData folder; alternatively just copy the mod's GameData folder and paste it into the KSP root directory and the two should get merged automatically.

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@camacju I don't really know what else to say to try and help. I just tried downloading everything fresh and booting up a brand new KSP 1.10.1 instance using just those mods, with the edit to the Sigma file (Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/resizePQSMods.cfg) to resolve terrain issues. Here's the edited file and the GameData folder:


Kopernicus BE release 45, Sigma 0.10.7, Beyond Home 1.5.2, Parallax 1.0.1, the 3.5x rescale config and ModuleManager 4.1.4 which is included with Kopernicus BE, plus Squad (stock game) and SquadExpansion (DLCs).

And here's Rhode after the game booted up for the first time:


As you can see the rescale has been applied- 1575km radius, 84.8km atmosphere height, ~1g gravity and ~5600m/s escape velocity are all as expected.

Try doing the same thing and starting from scratch, it's possible you have a file missing or something that's causing the problem.

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