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Sketchy website. listing says vs. actual product


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The goal of this game is to come up with a product that would appear on a site like wish.com, and then come up with what you would actually get.



Listing: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition 11GB GDDR5X

Actual product: NVIDIA GeForce® GT 560 with cheep fans and heatsink (original was removed and replaced with a newer one, to hide the fact that the gpu was used.)


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Listing: Game that brings friends together

Product: animal crossing new horizons


This is a reference to something that I may have to wait a while to talk about here since I’m still incredibly angry about it and would be snipped to oblivion since I would not be above calling things how they are.


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8 minutes ago, Dat Kerbal Dude said:

Listing: Trash

Actual Product:Tik Tok

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no ofense,but i extremly Height TikTok:mad:


Hey, me too.

Listing: KSP Wiki

Product: KSPWiki.fandom.org

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On 10/31/2020 at 10:38 AM, Dat Kerbal Dude said:

Listing:                                                         Actual Product:

o3sXU2f.thumb.png.088691a22d48e932bab7f6                            o3s-XU2f-thumb-png-088691a22d48e932bab7f

More Like:
Listing:                                                        Actual Product:
o3s-XU2f-thumb-png-088691a22d48e932bab7f                           o3sXU2f.png.9ce680db92e21d52dd1ebce28dbb

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