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[1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x] Stock Default Settings

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This mod, Stock Default Settings, is designed to manage certain game config values which, while only accessable in a game, are actually global variables, and changing them in one save will affect all other saves in that install.

This can be a problem for someone who has multiple games (saves) going on in a single install.

This mod will allow these settings to be specific for each individual save, if desired.

Additionally, this mod has default settings which override the stock defaults.  These values are:

Name  SDS Default
Assigned Value
HIGHLIGHT_FX True True Highlight FX
INFLIGHT_HIGHLIGHT True True Part Highlighter Enabled in Flight
TEMPERATURE_GAUGES_MODE 3 3 Temperature Gauges & Thermal Highlights
ADVANCED_TWEAKABLES True False Advanced Tweakables
CONFIRM_MESSAGE_DELETION True True Confirm Message Deletion
ADVANCED_MESSAGESAPP True True Advanced Message App
EXTENDED_BURNTIME True False Extended Burn Indicator
ANTI_ALIASING 8 (8x) 2 (2x) Anti-Aliasing
TEXTURE_QUALITY 0 (Full res) 1 (Half res) Texture Quality


Toolbar icon: gZlXd98.png)

SDS Window: kpZet74.png




Button Description
Apply Applies the settings, keeping the window open
Accept Applies the settings and closes the window
Reset to default Clears local settings, and loads the mod defaults
Cancel Cancels any changes and closes the window
Save for current game Saves the current settings for the current game only, also applies the changes to the current game
Clear local settings &
load global settings
Clears all local settings and resets the settings to the current global settings

Note:  The Reset to default is immediate, canceling will not revert the changes



CKAN (soon)


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