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Two things I noticed: First, it appears that the supply lines will be the way I thought they would be, where the route you took repeats itself every time the same conditions are met such as a specific transfer window or time of year. I think this is pretty cool for both casual and advanced players because you can easily increase your supplies without being amazing at the game simply by flying more missions, and it gives a use to the end-game engines by allowing you to transfer to other planets at un-optimal times. For advanced players, I could see challenges where people deliver the largest amount of supplies or try to have the largest supply to rocket ratio or try to have a minimalist challenge to make the smallest rocket that can deliver x amount of supplies every day of the year. Pretty cool gameplay challenges. 


Second, when talking about the habitation rings and mentioning that there are more considerations to take into account when planning missions, that is good news because I take it to mean that kerbals can no longer sit in a wireframe seat for a hundred years or more. This will make optimizations a lot more interesting, as people will have to design for time as well as efficiency, and will have to come up with some interesting maneuvers to get to places as quickly as possible. This also gives use to the end-game engines because you can go faster and therefore further before your kerbals start suffering from whatever effect they are under. 

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