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Hello @Jimbodiah, I know that imgur albums do not work anymore however the forum can still embed images. If you are using imgur you can paste the 'direct' link and it should embed into a post, other hosting services will also work, so long as the link ends with the file descriptor like .png or .jpg.


Also your question has been moved to kerbal network as it is more about the forum than the game.

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7 minutes ago, Jimbodiah said:

I have my own site where i have images, they have worked for years but now they don't show up even though the links work. It's like most extensions are no longer accepted.

Could you post a link here for testing?

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It's not the png format... that one works.    I don't know.   I could click on your link @Jimbodiah, and get the pic, but when I copied to file location and pasted it into the post, it didn't expand it.

Could you confirm your host works on a variety of other platforms, and it's only the KSP forums giving you an issue, before we bump this upstairs please?

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Works for me. I just copied the URL here into this post


EDIT: Different browsers get different results:

  • It works for me on Firefox, (on PC)
  • My own post fails on Comodo Dragon (Basically Chrome) on PC
  • It works on Opera (PC)
  • Fails on Chrome (on Android)
  • Works on Adblock Browser (on Android), which I believe is a variant of Chrome
  • Fails on Internet Explorer 11 (PC)
  • Works on Edge
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I think I figured it out.  It's an SSL thing.

It would seem that certain browsers don't embed images that are being hosted on an insecure site, like yours.  I tried with my own after seeing @Deddly's post.  I tried embedding an image from my site, which does not have SSL, and Firefox would embed it while Chrome would not.  Seems kind odd that the browsers don't care about displaying the images, the problem just lies with embedding them.  The editor also will not parse <img> tags, so that won't work.

You'll need to make your posts with your pictures using a browser the embeds for you, like the ones in the post above, host your images elsewhere, or get an SSL cert for your site.  I believe there are free ones.

Edit: Confirmed.  I got one of those free SSL certs and then the image embedded in Chrome.

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8 minutes ago, Deddly said:

The problem is that even if the browser allows it to embed the image, those with other browsers will not be able to see it

I can view @Jimbodiah's image just fine in Chrome.

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