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A new take on the Shuttle challenge

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Hello all,

some of you might know me as an administrator of the v5 of the Shuttle challenge on the forums. After running it for quite some time, I passed it to another shuttle enthusiast and I took a long-ish break from KSP as a whole.  But in these home-staying times, I started playing a bit again, and decided to take part in the challenge, since I never properly flew some of the later missions. I designed a new orbiter, started to learn how to fly shuttles again, and I'm having a great time doing so.

Also, I decided to create video reports of the missions, instead of just posting screenshots. I'm new to the whole video-editing thing, so it's really nothing too complex, but I decided to post it here anyways, to share my adventures, hopefully getting some feedback about video editing, and to spread awareness about the phenomenal Shuttle challenge, if you haven't tried it yet :) I highly recommend you to do so, it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most complex challenges around here.


Now, to the shuttle missions.

I've completed the first set of Kerbin missions:

STS-1a and STS-1b - proving the orbit-worthiness (is that a word? :) ) of the shuttle and carrying a 40 t fuel pod to space:


STS-2a and STS-2b - Deploying a keostationary comm network and recovering the fuel pod from the previous mission back to Kerbin

STS-3 - Designing and deploying a space telescope to LKO - my first experience with the "new" robotics stuff

STS-4R - Rescuing the crew of a stranded space shuttle

STS-5 to STS-8 - Building a space station in LKO using your shuttle

I hope you enjoy the videos, I will post more here as I finish the next missions, which will take me asteroid hunting into deep space, to the Mun, Minmus and various planets in the system.


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