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Change, add, or remove one letter from the word of previous post.


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Got this idea while playing a word game.

Just do what the title says. The resulting word doesn't have to be an English word. It can be gibberish.
The letter must be a lowercase Latin alphabet (a-z). You can't simply change a letter into UPPERCASE or add spaces and numbers.

Go for the longest word! (As far as KSP forum allows)
Or go for the shortest word? (0-length word is allowed, but the next person will have to add a letter since there's no letter to be changed or removed)
Maybe try to make an actual word? (You can makesentenceswithoutspaces, it's perfectly legal) Or even a statement! Or a story! Just without spaces, lol

I'll start with the most common word in English.

Addendum 1: This is basically common senses in Forum Games, but in case you need a reminder....
Should you get ninja'd (i.e. someone else posted before you do), you can edit the post back to reflect the change before anyone else posted again. If someone posted before you've corrected your mistakes, then it's a loss for you.
Please check whether the last poster did not comply with the rules (e.g. the poster did more than 1 letter). You can safely forgo the invalid post and continue from the latest valid post you can find. Before doing that, please state so in the same post. This is to avoid people mistakenly continuing the wrong post and getting confused.
Do not reset the word. Seriously. It's no fun to just make whatever completely new word from scratch. If you know the previous poster is not complying with the rules, do me a favor and continue from the latest post that complied with the rules.
I can't possibly enforce the rules I set up here (obviously). It's there so that it can be fun.

Addendum 2: Clarification of the rules (and examples!):
You can't change the entire of the word:
kill > murder (it's a synonym but it's not allowed by the rules)
You can only change one (and only one) letter:
kill > bill (K is changed to B)
kill > kivl (first L is changed to V) (doesn't mean anything but it's allowed)
Or add them:
kill > knill (N is added)
Or remove them:
kill > ill (K is removed)
Remember, it doesn't need to be a valid English word. You can make "uvxsehsnz" and the next poster has to work with that word, no matter what.

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