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If you're like me and don't (or can't, if you're playing in career mode) build craft perfectly and anticipate every single error, flaw and lack of function, then you will probably have a rather large library of craft.

Now, if you're still like me and don't care to scroll through a billion craft files in search of the one you want, then you might like this proposal.

A folder system!

Basically, you can 'Create Folder' and then right click on a craft and select a folder to put it into.

You can right click on a folder to rename it to whatever you wish. You can enter a folder by double-clicking on it.

Up to 2 sub-folders can be created, to preserve sanity.

In the main list you can see how many craft are in the folder.

If you hold down Ctrl while clicking on craft, you can select multiple and then right click to move them all.


I feel this would make it a lot easier to find a craft than just counting down the alphabet to your 'Zion Mark VIII SSTO'.

What are your thoughts?

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@GuessingEveryDay, what if they are console, and thats why they want it implemented into the core game.  I would love if we got mod support like in Space Engineers where you have a website that is like the steam workshop, and is directly connected to the workshop for craft files and various other things on the workshop. I'd like to see KerbalX.com do this for KSP, as it would be HUGE because we console players could share files for craft.

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On 10/26/2020 at 7:37 PM, QvestionAnswerNeeded said:

Up to 2 sub-folders can be created, to preserve sanity.

It's a good idea, but 2 subfolders wouldn't even get me started.

No limit, at least not up to whatever the OS imposes.


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On 10/26/2020 at 2:37 PM, QvestionAnswerNeeded said:

A folder system!


but first, I would like Squad to pick *ONE*, single folder location for craft...
this KSP_<installfolder>/Ships/ , in addition to KSP_<installfolder>/saves/Ships/  thing.... DRIVES ME NUTS....
I seem to sometimes get random crossover of crafts/subassys saving in one *OR* the other... vOv

To get rid of old craft, because I may have edited mods or in-play crafts, I've learned to just flat-out delete BOTH folders...

oh!... and also KSP_<installfolder/thumbs/ for the craft thumbnails.... come awwwn!... really??? :P

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