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i wonder what things will be for ksp 1.11

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im gonna make a prediction here and say that 1.11 will have better optimisation, new science equiptment, and hopefully space station parts because oh my god if we do have space station parts then this update will be HUGE what do you think will be for ksp 1.11?

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Revamped textures for Bop and maybe one other celestial body, revamped textures for a few parts that haven't been done yet in stock but the Restock ones will probably be better anyway, and a fix for... Maybe one outstanding bug? No, let's be optimistic and say two.

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On 10/28/2020 at 12:43 PM, Leopard said:

hopefully an actual purpose for space stations would be nice, more modules for them to have, more contracts related to them - even if a lot of it is "add a module containing the following parts" stuff

there is a mod called space station expansion parts redux if you want to check it out

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