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Question about Ejection Angle relative to the Sun


Okay so, whenever I am orbiting Kerbol, I notice that my ejection angle continues to function even though I don't have a target selected. Does anyone know where this angle is referenced from?


I know this seems like a silly and very random question, and it kinda is, but it's just something I noticed recently.

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I know what I think the question is, and had been hoping someone else knew the answer.K4hbdtt.jpg

The new maneuver panel shows, under 'ejection', the angle of the craft relative to the prograde direction of its parent's orbit. 
When orbiting Kerbin and planning to go to an outer planet, you have to make your ejection burn some angle 140° or so ahead of the prograde direction of Kerbin's motion, so that you are going in Kerbin's prograde direction by the time you escape the SoI.

The trouble is, I want the angle of the planned maneuver, where KSP always gives me angle of the craft (bug report).  I have asked but never found anyone who knew how to use this built-in ejection-angle display.  A few mods show ejection angles of maneuvers, that work with the planning tools.

When orbiting the sun, which has no motion in KSP so no prograde direction, the usual definition of 'ejection angle' makes no sense.   

While getting the screenshot for the image, I noticed that the reported ejection angle was different on two starts of KSP, just after loading the same quicksave.  It looks like the ejection angle shows some random number, maybe from previous use of the same memory, for craft are orbiting the sun.

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