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Whats the largest planet you've made with kopernicus?

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hello kopernicus modders! i have a question for you guys, its whats the largest planet (or any celestial body) you have made with kopernicus!


This is my largest planet, it is in my work in progress planet pack, it has a radius of 9,980 km but thats not the main thing that makes it cool.


Its rings are crazy masssive! its rings are so large, that you can see them from kerbin (even at day!)



its gonna to have one massive moon but i haven't coded it yet.



but yea, what's the largest planet you made?

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The biggest planet i made is about 7000km in radius, but only has a surface gravity of 0.31g
it is the first planet from the contact binary stars in my wip system. What makes this planet cool is, due to how close it is to the stars, It is nearly possible to separate the two stars, but that usually happens when the planet or one of its two moons eclipses the stars. also the stars are many times further than Eeloo, so its seen as a single point from kerbin
Its the gas giant, the moon in the foreground is about the size of Ike, Oyst has an orange atmosphere and blue sunsets

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