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KSP Loading...Preview: New Lights!

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Light changes?

Is KSP's lighting [system, and associated modules] being updated (now possible because of the new single camera system I'm guessing)?

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1 hour ago, Superfluous J said:

Oooh love the work lamps, will they function like the deployable science experiments? I thought the stock inventory system needed more stuff.

Yes they're deployable like the BG parts.  The inventory system released with BG has always been part of the stock game code (in case modders wanted to use it), it was just not turned on in the UI because there weren't any stock parts that'd go in an inventory before.

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3 hours ago, GuessingEveryDay said:

Or maybe an overhaul of aviation parts! The wings are pretty old.

*Research hours later*

Wow... They've been in the game since 0.15.  But I can't find when they changed the look.


3 hours ago, NoMrBond said:

When Porkjets SPP was integrated into the game in 0.25 (I think?)

IMO pretty much all of Porkjet's work stands up really well. There are things that I'd like changed about wings (pwings perhaps), but their look isn't really one of them.

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3 hours ago, Lewie said:

Man, this has got to be a record for announcements! 

Hype. What else is there to say?

Actually when Breaking Ground was being teased they did an update almost every single day. But I like this announcement!

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Please tell me you guys are finally switching to deferred rendering with this update...  the forward rendering system you are using now for lighting is pretty painful to work with.

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Oh wow, this was really unexpected but really cool! I can't wait to set up a few of these around my Mun base :D

8 hours ago, Maxsimal said:

That's right, you won't need those parts from BG to use these.   

What about powering them during the night, when solar power isn't available? Can we still link them up to a BG RTG if we want? Do they have some kind of small internal batteries?

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1. Do they turn in pumpkins every Halloween?



2. A handheld electrodynamical flashlight for Kerbals. 



Quickly press U-U-U-U-U-U-... to get the light.

3. Can the lights power the solar arrays to get EC to power the lights?

3a. Can we use them as a low-thrust photon engine?

4. Lava lamps? Street lanterns?

5. Will it crash the light-dependent mods completely?

6. Kerbatman spotlight. For Kerbal face on the Moon.

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