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SRB to other planet/moon


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Mode 0 : Using SRB to orbit around Kerbin. 10 points

Mode 1 : Using SRB to the Mun or Minmus.  100 points

Mode 2 : Go to other planet using solid rocket booster. 1000 points

Mode 3 : Impress me :).  ∞ points

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On 2/9/2021 at 7:00 PM, Cant think of a username said:

YEs, it's awesome. I propose not using seperatons cuz most people who do this use lots of that.

I don't know man.. sepretrons are Solid fuel boosters according to the wiki. So in my opinion, they would count for the challenge. Also, it's pretty difficult to finetune the fuel mass (read: delta v budget) in the flea if you have a small craft. 

Maybe we could add a bonus or something for anybody who doesn't use them? anywho.. this is not my challenge.. I'm just thinking out loud hehe.   

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After my last entry, I really got a taste for moar SRB missions! So this, time I went to Eeloo and back.

I won't lie.. it was a lot more difficult than my previous mission to Duna! Getting a right encounter with the planet was a "female dog"! It took me many...Maaany iterations before I got a working ship designed...

I used a custom KOS script to get more accurate DV values. The ones from KER only have rounded numbers. For my mission I needed more decimals to place effective maneuver nodes. The KOS script worked pretty well! :)

In the end I had a lot of fun doing this challenge. I don't know if I'm up to conquer Tylo at the moment..

Here is a video of the mission. I hope you guys like it!


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