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My first successful Duna mission with crew,but without landing. What I should do now?

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Is this a "what do I do with this ship I have parked in Duna orbit?" question or a "what do I do now I've orbited Duna and am coming/have come back to Kerbin?" question?

If your ship is still around Duna you could try landing on Ike, if you have the fuel reserves and your ship can actually land (without breaking anything!); get every Kerbal to plant a flag to gain some extra XP and scrape up as much science as you can, then head back to Kerbin. You could also try building a lander to land on Duna and send that out at the next transfer window, then use that to land on Duna and transfer any spare fuel to the current ship once you're back in orbit.

If you've already left Duna and are going (or have gone) back to Kerbin, there are a few options open to you: refuel the ship once it's back at Kerbin, attach a lander and go back to Duna; refuel the ship and go somewhere else, like Gilly or (dare I say it?) Dres; or recover the ship (or as much as you can) on Kerbin and build something completely new, then send that somewhere.

Personally, I suggest you take a trip out to Gilly- it's a hard target to actually get to due to its tiny SOI and puny gravity, but solar panels work extra well that close to the Sun, the transfer window to Eve is more frequent than to Duna and you can scoop up some 'flying high' science from Eve if you do a bit of daring aerobraking. Eve (and by extension Gilly) has the shortest average distance between it and Kerbin of any planet, making it pretty easy to maintain communications if you have CommNet enabled- a single 2Gm antenna will reach all the way back to Kerbin almost all the time with a level 3 tracking station, and a 15G is overkill even with a level 2 TS; for comparison, you need 4x 2Gm with a level 3 TS or 2x 15Gm with a level 2 TS at Duna to have a similar signal strength.

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