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Option to remove craft from flight total.

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Simple idea, and a very minor issue to be fair, but... 

Add a toggle option to change whether a craft is included  in the 'flights in progress' total or not (default would be have them counted).

In the 'early days' flags were counted towards this total, and sensibly IMO they no longer are.  Currently (afaik) everything else is, apart from debris,   I would like to be able to remove things like Science experiments or 'dormant' craft, such as rovers etc, left behind on the surface after a mission from this total too.  With an option to add them in again if I go back and re-use them.

This wouldn't affect anything else, such as how they appear in the Tracking Station, and they wouldn't need a different type icon, but it may be handy to have a little indicator 'flag' or a change in font colour.

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Ooor maybe (although that's actually a opposite of what you're suggesting) just don't call it "flights in progress" since there is now much more than just things that fly, simply call it "active vessels". That would include rovers, leftovers and other stuff unless you hit "active/inactive" button somewhere in right-click menu.

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