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Threads of the month: November 2020

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The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present

Threads of the Month Awards for November 2020!


Welcome to our November2020 installment of TOTM, where we showcase interesting forum content. As always we hope you are all happy, healthy and having fun in the game and on the forum. And so, without further ado, here are this month's winners:

Firstly, clock-maker @Makc_Gordon creatively used KSPs' parts to make clocks! They can keep time and display it! Check it out here:

We've had some good discussions too. First, @Popestar asked a simple question: PC vs Consoles. Share your opinions here:

Next, it happens to all of us at one point or another: Mission Failed! What do you do when it happens? @Neil Kermstrong asked that question, and there are some great replies. Take a look:

Finally, @AlamoVampire asks "what is something you saw for the first time in KSP that made you happy you saw it?" Great question! The moments that make you happy when you first see them can take the sting out of the failures that happen along the way. Share your experiences here:

Congratulations to the November Thread of the Month winners!

Shout out to @Lewie, @Poodmund and @AlamoVampire for nominating threads. :)

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WOW! Great Job to everyone who's thread made it to the November 2020 threads of the month and to all the people who contributed to their success. 

and here is a secret message from all-star Thread of the month award winner Jebediah Kerman. " Great Job! remember to have positive activity in the forum and always congratulate others even if they smell bad. And lastly, don't forget to visit DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE's Poll Thread in KSP2 discussion What is Your Favorite Feature Of KSP2 and don't forget to vote on the poll and follow for updates on the Poll discussion. Im Jebediah Kerman, signing out."


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2 hours ago, Poodmund said:

@Angel-125, the thread I nominated did not get the award and I didn't nominate any of the threads linked in the OP so I'm a bit confused as to what got awarded. :D 

We can't feature all the nominations every time, but we do thank people for their nominations. (Although we might not have done so consistently.) 

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