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The Kerbal Sports Championship (Breaking Ground)

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Hello Kerbals! Apparently, sport makes you healthy and strong, increases your life expectancy and all that. Well, seeing as your life will probably end in a dubious construction  before you die of old age, it probably won't be much use to you. Sport does seem fun: however, physical exertion is boring. Our R&D team has spent lots of time and a mediocre amount of effort in finding the solution - slap on some giant robot parts!

For this challenge, you must build a contraption that gets a Kerbal from one end of the KSC airstrip to the other 

0. The start is considered where the contraption spawns at launch, the end is the end of the airstrip.

1. You may use NO rockets for propulsion, as this is sports after all. Instead, you must use the Breaking Ground robotic parts (e.g. rotor, servo, hydraulic piston) to somehow get the contraption across. If you somehow manage to find a way without the Breaking Ground DLC, go ahead!

2. RCS can be used, but only for rotation and not as a means of propulsion.

3. The contraption must cross the finish line along with the Kerbal.

4. Propellers aren't allowed either, rotors are though.

5. Structural blocks and all other non-propulsion blocks are OK.

6. No motorised wheels. You can use non motorised ones, or custom (rotor) ones, but no powered stock wheels.

7. No mods please!

8. I don't care how you go cross the line as long as you comply with the above rules. Bouncer? Wheels? Exoskeleton? The only thing that doesn't count is making the construct so tall that you only need to fall towards the finish line to cross it, or gaining an advantage that way.

Post your submissions below as a video with your supposed time next to it, I'm excited to see what you all make!

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19 hours ago, ralanboyle said:

Okay, If wheels are allowed then one could just make a racecar, but I went for more of what I think you want. No rockets or jets or wheels, just a roller/crawler. crosses in 44 seconds. 


Wow! That is indeed fast :) I've modified the rules now to prevent motorised wheels.

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