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Introducing the C-7 "Snubnose" Satellite launcher!

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Hello all, 

After weeks of SSTO testing, and producing like 10 different designs, I've finally created my best design yet, the  C-7 "snubnose" sat launcher !





A lightweight non-crewed spaceplane capable of getting a small mk1 satellite  to LKO with ~350 m/s of delta-v to spare.....  it could even launch 2 small sats at 1 time! Stable from take-off, orbital insertion and all the way back down to the space center. Fitted with airbrakes, a reaction wheel, batteries, and antenna.  This design doesn't have the fuel capacity to meet up with a station and refuel for a longer mission, but I'm working on an interplanetary variant. I'll update when I have one.  For now it's a cheap way to launch satellites capable of going all throughout the Kerbol system.  Powered by 4 rapiers, it has a lot of power, up to 5g's of acceleration through Kerbin's atmosphere on the way to space.  Here's a photo of it in orbit after having just released a satellite bound for the Duna system: 


This design for now is done. I'll be however working on another interplanetary design similar to this.  any thoughts or suggestions appreciated :) 

PS: I'll update this thread with more pics and an interplanetary version perhaps, when I complete it. ;)

Safe flying! 


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