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Please someone!! make Canadarm!

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There is so small amount of mods for robotic arms. The best is IR (Infernal robotics) but its not enough and sometimes pretty wobbly. It would be great if someone make some good not wobbly parts for canadarm. This case would be best because u will be able to construct your own canadarm load it into to space shuttle and do some works on space station. Also some Canadarm2 parts for space station modules reorientation. 

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Good morning all, I'm desperately trying to make a "canadarm" with the parts from "Magic Smoke Industies". My problem is this, in the BAV everything works fine, even when I put it in the cargo hold of one of my ships. However, on the launch pad, this magnificent "canadarm" turns into a miserable spaghetti which hangs and wiggles in all directions! Is there a solution to this? Thank you for being indulgent as I am just a beginner who has just conquered Minmus .... Thank you for your advice and good play everyone.
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It looks like this mod contains an arm you can use.

Plus, @Angel-125's mod listed above is shown to work in the latest release.  You can build custom arms from that. 

I have also merged the two overlapping threads that were running concurrently :confused:.

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Added angel's mod
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Superb mod!

I was not looking for a Shuttle, but I admit that this mod is complete and very well made. I will integrate it without delay.

Thank you again for your help and your patience.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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