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Any recently-updated *non-video* tutorials for the importing-the-model part of KSP modding out there?

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Rather self-explanatory: are there any tutorials for how to prepare & import a 3d model into KSP as a new part, that aren't video tutorials, and aren't critically outdated?

I have some 3d modelling skills (going to be having to relearn Blender with the 2.8x UI changes, but that's a different topic), and I'm wanting to know how to take a 3d model I've made, add the various... transforms I think they're called? (the things that mark locations of engine flames, thrust direction, etc), and get that to be a functioning part in KSP. However, the last time I used a tutorial, the part basically just didn't work.

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I've been attempting to put together brief descriptions/instructions for making the various parts as I figure them out. Not a tutorial but does contain info on what transforms/colliders/etc. are needed. Contains a Blender project, The Unity project, the game folder with mu and cfg file and some notes.


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Been awhile since I've installed Unity - don't think I've forgotten any steps but...

download Unity 2019.2.2f1

Install parttools - note: some people are having problems with only a few 1.10.X shaders showing up - I'm using 1.9.1 parttools until it gets fixed (or 1.11 comes out). After downloading it unzip and drop the unzipped folder into the Unity assets folder - import everything. There are some instructions on swapping out TextMeshPro but I just delete it as I'm not using it.

To get the model into Unity you can drag and drop a dae or fbx file into the assets folder - or just drop a Blender file in.

In Unity create a GameObject for the root of your part and drag and drop the model asset onto this (dae files have a 90 degree rotation - I zero this out). Add Parttools to this root part - select the root part and the inspector will have a "Add component" button - click that , select KSP and the top item is Part Tools. The first time you do this in a Unity project you select a directory to write the .mu file to.

When your part is setup click the "Write" button in the inspector (when the root is selected).


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