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America: 1951 [discontinued]


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in this playthrough with rss/ro/rp-1 I will be playing as the USA, and try to launch a man to the moon. 


Settings: Normal


Start location: Brownsville


I will do 1 year at a time, and try to post once every 2 weeks, but times may vary.

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1951: The start of an agency

             The start of the agency

We start in a world where nothing has been sent to space. Our goal? Beat the Russians (and the actual records) into space. Our first contract? Launch something into the air.



Accepting the first launch contract.

Our engineers come up with a rocket. It is called the not tiny tim. The true reason for that name is that the agency did not want to get copyright striked by the U.S. Navy and we were mostly inspired by the tiny tim.


The not tiny tim.

We wait a few months and we end up on the pad. 


3, 2, 1...


The not tiny Tim surges through the sky, Breaking all (none) the records!



As it rises through the sky, we start to gain science.(around 0.3) The director says," we wanted to get at least 1 science, but this is still fine..."



We fall down, and then they check their funds... at least a few couple hundred more.


We are getting dangerously close to the ground...


we also see that the lawnmowers have been on break... unacceptable.


now we will try to cross the Karman line

Our engineers make another rocket; the not wac corporal.(hey, it has different colors!)


The end result

We wait for the rocket to be built and a few months later, we return to the launch pad...


3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!!

We lift from the ground, yet again, this time however in a cloud of smoke and encased in fire...


booster seperation

We fly through the air, and our science is booming (at least it will be by the end)


well isn't that beautiful!

We reach our apoapsis, and fall...


we hit the water with a quiet "splash"

We now have 5.1 science... what to spend it on?


we have started research on a few techs.

Now, to reach space...


We get some upgrades


our end product

We end up this... it looks fashionable... (hey, we used a original name!) It is a copy of the not wac corporal, with a better engine and a different fuel mix.

(we warp a bit to get our tech done)


we sadly launched in the dark.

We end up looking at our science gain, which is none. We sadly accepted a contract that took all of our science;.;(i forgot to turn on our experiments)

Because of this tragedy, we need a rocket to go to space and back... or go bankrupt.


the top of the rocket is the return capsule.

We start to make this rocket to get us to space and back... well, its now 1952!



science and upgrades.

Well, its the end of 1951! see you next time!

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it is another year, and, a new adventure for the agency. We liftoff with our new rocket, The beetle 1. 


our main separation.

we separate, with the important stuff staying at the top, where the parachute is.


aint that beautiful

we coast to apoapsis, with a bunch of freshly gained science.


we parachute down, and we get SCIENCE GALORE!!


with (yet) another rocket on the pad, we launch the ant 1 downrange.


we can see the camera on top

we start our gravity turn (not shown in picture) and we  are going down range... at this rate, it isn't enough though.


Well, at least it looks good!

We seperate from the main rocket and coast to apoapsis, and fall...


and we come down with a nice splash.

after coming out with 10 science gained, we look in the r&d section and... we click the non rp-1 parts.

The screen goes black, and the unity crash reporter comes out


well, all i can say is that it is 1953 already, and a short recap...

Rockets launched: 2

Successful launches: 1

Failed launches: 0

Partially failed launches: 1

Thats it, and see you in another 2 weeks, in 1953!

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