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[1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x] Realistic Power Draw

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It's always bothered me that animations didn't use any power.  This addresses that issue.

This is a little mod which will make animations (stock parts for now) use EC.



CKAN soon

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7 hours ago, computercat04 said:

That's a pretty nice addition to the game. How much power will an animation consume?


3 hours ago, JWS said:

Nice idea indeed.

One silly question: If a ship runs out of battery, all animated part on it won't function?

I peeked at the code on Github. It looks like between 2.5 and 7 EC per animation, with 5 being the mode (average). Based on my knowledge of coding, which is slightly higher than my ability to read ancient Sumerian, I would guess that animated parts affected by this code would not function with EC.

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Nice idea, but I encountered a bug. In Editor, when I try to toggle service bay's doors, it doesn't happen and I get this log error:

[EXC 21:40:47.310] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
	ModuleAnimateGeneric.UpdateAnimSwitch () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0)
	ModuleAnimateGeneric.Toggle () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0)
	AnimateWithResources.ModuleAnimGenericResourceUsage.Toggle () (at <c596c1789b9648078b0c6083f7701487>:0)
	BaseEvent.Invoke () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0)
	UIPartActionButton.OnClick () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0)
	UnityEngine.Events.InvokableCall.Invoke () (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0)
	UnityEngine.Events.UnityEvent.Invoke () (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0)
	UnityEngine.UI.Button.Press () (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0)
	UnityEngine.UI.Button.OnPointerClick (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData eventData) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0)
	UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (UnityEngine.EventSystems.IPointerClickHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0)
	UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute[T] (UnityEngine.GameObject target, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData, UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents+EventFunction`1[T1] functor) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0)
	UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
	ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)


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