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Let’s talk about KSP 3

Will KSP 3 features alien Kerbals and interstellar war?  

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  1. 1. will KSP 3 feature these things?

    • Yes, it will feature alien Kebals and black holes
    • No, it won't
    • At least one of them

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KSP 2 isn’t even close to being out yet, so speculating about a sequel to the sequel won’t really serve any purpose.

Black holes are nasty places to be- huge gravitational forces that can cause all sorts of issues when you get close, massive radiation from the accretion disk as matter gets pulled in, plus they won’t be much use for solar panels because they are by definition pulling light in rather than putting it out.

Also, no aliens. Fragments of an ancient alien civilisation, maybe; actual aliens, no.

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18 minutes ago, T-20000 said:

In KSP 1, there has a alien Easter egg in Kerbin's north pole (A flying saucer)

there also where many squad monoliths and a dead kraken... that doesn't mean that there will be squad employees(lol) or krakens in a game that is a sequel to a game that isn't even out yet

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KSP 3 is just going to be Crusading Kerbals 1 (ck1). You play as a character of Kerbin who has to get his space agency to the top by hook or crook.  Steal scientists, destroy opponent's launchpads, ASAT strikes, bribing government officials, 'accidental' death of your rival, everything is allowed. You will even be able to create bloodlines when you colonize and become the God Emperor of Duna and Laythe.

<I think it will be a decent spinoff, to be honest>

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What? KSP 3?

KSP 2 hasn't even been released yet, and even then I don't see why KSP 2 wouldn't have those features at some point anyway. I think that "black holes" are far more likely than "alien Kerbals" though.

But, I could be wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Let's realize that KSP is already 9 years old.
Next June it will be age of ten.
Two years later KSP-2 probably will be released, on the 12th year of KSP era.

Best human minds have predicted that by 2030, or maybe 2040, in the worst cse by 2050, the Technological Singularity will appear.

While it currently seems to be a lot of time to it, but as we can see, actually KSP is close to pass the middle point of its way to the Technological Singularity times.

If KSP-2 gets released in late 2022 and survives at least 10 years, then it will probably still alive at that time.
Some veterans can be still playing KSP-1 when the T.S. comes.

KSP-3 will reach that point almost surely.

So, speaking about KSP-3, shouldn't we start discussion of how are we going to play KSP in the reign of the Technological Singularity?

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