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[1.10.1] SimpleSurvival - A simple life support mod! (Nov. 23, 2020)

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Tested with KSP 1.10.1

Illustrated user guide: https://github.com/moonshot11/SimpleSurvival

SimpleSurvival is a Kerbal Space Program mod which adds a simple life support mechanic, with the goal of encouraging a role-playing experience in the following ways:

  • Give purpose to different command modules. (A Mk1 capsule can get to orbit, but can it go to the Mun?)
  • Require the Hitchhiker's module for long journeys. No trips to Eeloo in a Mk1 capsule!
  • Make Engineers more useful. Only they can operate the Converter!
  • Create persistent resources for the Kerbals' EVA suits.

An additional tech tree node, Interplanetary Habitation, is also added for Science and Career modes.


Download latest release

Github: Download here
Spacedock: Download here

Source code (Github): https://github.com/moonshot11/SimpleSurvival


From the downloaded zip file, extract the "GameData" folder into your "Kerbal Space Program\GameData" folder.  If you have a version of ModuleManager that exceeds what is packaged with this mod, make sure to retain the latest version and delete the older one!


SimpleSurvival adds life support resources to all relevant stock parts, including the expansions. It also modifies the Advanced Exploration node in the tech tree. Therefore, compatibility with other mods that modify the tech tree should not be assumed.

Command modules that have been modded into the game will not have functional life support, although a means of dynamically adding life support to addon parts will be investigated in the future.

Author's note

This is an initial beta release. Please let me know what you think! I am particularly concerned with feedback about:

- Balance, especially for interplanetary travel.
- Accessibility. Is the user interface intuitive, is the "Consumables" name appropriate, etc.

Please note: Screenshots in the user guide may feature other mods. SimpleSurvival is not affiliated with any other mod, nor does its author endorse the use of any other mods on display.


ModuleManager created by Ialdaboth (https://github.com/Ialdabaoth)

- moonshot11

Edited by Moonshot11
Update version to v0.1.2
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Hey there! Great mod, but I want to ask something before I install this. Exactly what will happen if the LifeSupport completely drains out? Will the Kerbal, ahem... die? Or what? Thanks in advance!

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Oh my gosh, what a simple question that I didn't answer!

Yes, when a Kerbal runs out of all available life support, s/he will "die."  Depending on your save file's settings, the Kerbal will either respawn eventually or be perma-dead, just like when they're in a crash.

Update: user guide has been updated.

Edited by Moonshot11
Provide update on clarification in docs
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Nice work on the mod. I look forward to trying this.

I also had a question: Do unloaded ships / kerbals consume life support?

Of note, you have a minor spelling mistake on page 1/2 in the user guide about the resource



Edited by cyberKerb
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Nice mod :)

A few questions, tho:

1) About EVA Propellent being persistent, and available for free... can you give moar details? ... ie whats different about how stock KSP handles this? ... and I wonder if this feature may  seem a bit out of scope as the mod currently is? vOv   I mean, I realize how important suit prop *is*, to kerbal survival... but wondering if it should really be part of a simple LS mod, or moar for a feature of a *fuel/EVA mechanic* handling mod? vOv

2) Have you *hardcoded* this for stoc parts?, or, is/are required modules added/editable by config? Cuz, that, leaving as much as possible to editable config keys/modules, seems it would be the best/easiest way to add support for users to add this to modded parts... thats the way tons of other mods, do it, anyway... vOv

3) As to the "alarm" time limits... idk, but 10 mins remaining (yellow), and 1 min remaining (red), seem a little low...vOv

4) As to having Engineers required, I get that. ;) ... but then might that not completely eliminate the usefulness of this mod, in either early career, or at least with only one or two kerbal craft, where a 1) Pilot, and 2) Scientist, may be mission critical? Note, I *never* really play career, (only sandbox/science modes), so mebbe thats already covered in the tech tree placement? vOv
As to the 1 & 2 kerbal pods tho... vOv Granted, I may just have to *try* the mod, to see if there really *is* a niche, for only 1 or 2 kerbal craft, without the requirement of the hab/converter, and a 3rd seat Engineer... vOv

But otherwise, I'm liking where this mod is going... :thumbs_up:

Will also be interesting to compare it to Snacks!

Edited by Stone Blue
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@cyberKerb Unloaded ships do not consume life support.  They store it indefinitely.  Kerbals have a separate EVA life support resource in their suit, which they consume when on EVA (or when within a ship, if the ship's EVA runs out).  And thanks for catching that typo!


@Stone Blue Thanks for the feedback!  To answer your questions:

1. I agree, EVA propellant is on the edge of this mod's scope.  However, it still makes sense to me from a gameplay standpoint to provide a cohesive "survival" experience via limited resources, and from a code perspective, the system that manages it also manages the EVA life support.

2. The part stats are defined via a ModuleManager patch (https://github.com/moonshot11/SimpleSurvival/blob/master/GameData/SimpleSurvival/Parts/lifesupport.cfg).  I honestly wasn't sure whether it would be my job to add support for popular mods, or leave that to someone else in the community.  For now, I only support stock parts.  An alternative that I want to investigate is adding a preset amount of life support to eligible parts which don't have the values manually defined.

3. That's fair.  Do you have any suggestions?  30 minutes for yellow and 5 minutes for red?

4. An Engineer is required once you are going on long journeys using the Hitchhiker's module.  By then, you'll almost certainly have the space for an Engineer on your vessel.  The mod is calibrated so that within the Kerbin system, you won't need the Hitchhiker's module at all, so you can forego bringing an Engineer if you don't have the space.


@sp1989 There are already a few radial and inline parts that contain Consumables.  Balancing these amounts for interplanetary travel is something that I'd like feedback on.  Based on that feedback, I could certainly add additional parts.

Edited by Moonshot11
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1) Fair eunuff :P

2) Support patches for other mods is entirely up to you... some mod devs supply the support themselves (usually mods the mod dev uses themselves, or fit extremely well with their mod), and/or, some devs let the community supply patches, which they'll pacage up in their mod, and/or some rely on said mod devs (other mods), to package support/patches in those other mods... so basically, its all up to YOU, on what support you want to include in YOUR mod for other mods.
The main thing, is to *allow* for support of other mods, meaning just taking into consideration how to code any plugins/modlue nodes or config keys
, so the opportunity for other devs/community to come up with support, for whatever, and however... vOv :D

3) idk... vOv the 5 min EVA limit sounds good... should give enough time to get bac abord a craft... as to craft limit, idk,,, just mae it reasonable, so either moar supplies can be converted in time, or to get another craft there with supplies, or ... vOv ??

4) Gotcha

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Suggestion, the adding the consumables to lifesupport converter to the Mk1 crew cabin, and make it run less efficient, so you have a lifesupport supply in the 1.25 form factor. I play with a tech tree where the crew cabin is way down the tree, and have ended up having to have long duration missions, including to Duna before ever unlocking the crew cabin. Just an Idea.

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