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Make Up Your Klingon Office Work Experience...

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The old TNG/DS9 Klingons are mainly good for jokes I think...so here goes.


I used to work at a nearly all Klingon office.


I was one of two humans who worked there. Working for Klingons has it's pro's and con's:

Pro: They don't terminate anyone's employment.

Con: They either allow you to quit in dishonor or fight whoever wishes you to quit the job in battle...surrounded by a ring of fire while armed with bat'leths while the workmates watch as spectators. Whoever surrenders or dies first loses their job. In short...the boss is ALWAYS a tough guy...otherwise he could not keep his job.

I quit the job after the other human was heard saying 'dishonorable' things about our boss. The boss called a meeting after work and said he had received word that the human guy said nasty things about him...then he he challenged the guy to combat to keep his job or to quit in dishonor.

The guy chose to fight, but was not prepared to lift a bat'leth, they are heavier than they look! The Klingon boss easily knocked the guy's bat'leth to the floor, which made the man plead for his life.

"You're not even worth killing! Go on and quit. Get your things and go....in dishonor!" The klingon bellowed as the man scrambled away in a hurry.

After I saw that I was like...nah, I'm good.


So what's your klingon funny office story?

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3 hours ago, StrandedonEarth said:

I imagine it would be kinda like this:

(sorry no klingons in this)




He even tackled a blond office lady! 

Funny and shocking all at once. But yeah...I can see klingons being a bit more mild than this guy...unless they already intend to kill, it is kind of cowardly and dishonorable to tackle a female...at least if the klingon actually follows the Klingon ethos. Not all do.

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God, I was a little scared. I haven't watched Star Trek for a long time, to be honest. The experience is relaxed, but I wouldn't use it. If you put aside all the jokes, it is better to look for a regular job in a standard office. For example, I can recommend the site https://uk.jooble.org/jobs-mitie-security, where I successfully found a great job. I'm going to an interview soon. Wish me good luck. 

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