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Mod that adds a linear (parallel?) docking port

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I'm trying to recreate this:


(Source: https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/gallery/boeing-manned-interplanetary-spacecraft-diagram/2167658)

And I need a linear docking port for the Earth Departure stage. I know I've seen one in a mod somewhere, but I'm forgetting what mod adds it.

What it is is a rectangular docking port that can be placed radially. It only docks to other linear docking ports of the same size, and it only docks when the ports are parallel to each other on the long axis.

Is there a mod that has this sort of docking port?

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22 minutes ago, Altaille said:

This picture should answer your question :)


Nertea's near future construction it is ! The tank here is a big one, those ports are not as small as the picture may let you think.

Thank you, I thought it was Near Future Construction. For future me, they're called "Docking Connectors", not the usual port.

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