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I created a Thing that flings itself at Very high speeds, I want it to go faster Does anyone have any tips?

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this is what it looks like. I have no clue What exactly causes it to Fling itself like this but i can say everything i know.

The count and positioning of the flags seems to be important and it has to spin fast otherwise it will crash into kerbin.

i don't exactly know what causes it to fling itself like this but i know it's fast and i want to see if i can improve it

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You may want to look into physicsless parts in KSP (if such parts still exist in the current version). These are parts without any mass or aerodynamic effects. If I am correct, the small radial monopropellant motor is an example of such a part, which means that you can generate an extremely large thrust while adding no mass to your vehicle.

However, though the above will get you to accelerate quickly, you will be doing so within the bounds of the KSP physics engine. The "fling" that you displayed, where an object is ejected at speed away from a celestial body, is a glitch that commonly happens when the physics engine is broken. A common way to reproduce this glitch is to enable infinite fuel and accelerate towards a celestial body, reaching relative velocity before impact. My guess as to how it can happen is that an error in calculation results in a division by 0 and hence an infinite force vector. When this vector is effected onto the object in question, this can only happen within several "frames" of the simulation before a collision is no longer detected and the vector disappears. As a result, the object is propelled at a random but extremely high velocity, which depends on your computer specifications and - I would assume - processor speed.

The answer to your question, then, is that you simply need to push the boundaries of the physics engine. You can spin until the craft's joints begin to stretch and parts begin to clip, create a craft that decouples a clipped part, et al. Something that would return a calculation error. The rest is random.

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