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RePaint Stock 1.0

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Very simple mod that will allow you to add some variety to the game by adding "dark" theme paint to most of the commonly used porkjet parts like wings, fuselages, bomb bays, ect.








Im not going to include MM with this mod specifically, those that dont already have it (its pretty much needed for like 75% of all mods in KSP), can get it with this link.

Liscense(also in download):


All art content belongs to Squad, only modified with colors by panzer1b.

Do whatever you want with this mod, redistribute, ect, solong as you follow Squad's TOS with their assets.  Ohh, and you do NOT have my permission to make any money with this content!

For now i only included a "dark" theme, but i may or may not add more colors to match the other themes.  If i do anything further it will likely be to expand this to a handful of parts i missed, and probably add grey/orange versions since thats unique enough to justify (black/white is sorta redundant when you can just switch some parts to white and some to black to achieve that).  Finally, i strongly suggest that anyone who runs this get Restock mod, wich adds dark variants to pretty much everything else you could put on your planes/ships, not to mention makes the game look way prettier anyways and adds more variants on things in general for improved prettiness.

Thats it for now, enjoy...

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The variants look really great.  They will definitely add a lot more flexibility to the existing parts.

Edit: They also play nicely with the Mk2 Stockalike Expansion which uses squad textures.  I couldn't get the part variants to work with some of the more complicated parts as I am not that familiar with materials, but your pack gives a lot of new options!





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