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automatic way to flyby gilly



hi, I have to flyby Gilly.
After an Astrogator two nodes maneuver, my ship is on the way for Eve.


At this point I manually create a node, a few minutes away from the ship and refine the maneuver with Precise Node, until the green dotted line is close to the target, Gilly.
And the flyby encounter is
tangent to the Gilly orbit.




The question: is there an automatic way to automatically perform this maneuver?

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@antipro the, rather unappealing, answer is: not in stock KSP.

You probably need to take a look at the mod's thread to be sure it's not a mod version issue or a mod conflict. 

Also keep in mind that the SoI transitions skew the prediction quite a bit and Gilly SoI is not exactly a large target.  So, a more refined maneuver may be beyond what the mods can provide.


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I actually detailed this in a video I did years ago. Hopefully nothing has changed in the engine since then.

Here's a direct link to 18:30 where I start the Gilly flyby stuff: https://youtu.be/fu0KsI6IFa0?t=1110

Here's the whole video in a spoiler:




(Note, I don't use Mechjeb so if you want help with that I can't help you. But this somewhat labor intensive process will guarantee you a flyby)

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Yes, MechJeb can make nodes for you. Use the Maneuver Planner function, try ‘bi-impulsive (Hohmann) transfer’ if you’re inside Eve’s SOI already and if that does ‘t work or you’re not in Eve’s SOI then try ‘fine tune closest approach’ and set the target distance to be inside Gilly’s very small SOI.

I can’t see the images on your post for some reason (probably because I’m using a tablet browser) so can’t be any more detailed than that, but I might try later on a PC.

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