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Threads of the Month December 2020


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KSP Forums Moderation Team Presents:


December 2020



It's that time again, our threads of the month.  In our penultimate award for the year, with the Thread of the Year for 2020 yet to be awarded, we'll take a look at some of our best from the past month. 

We'll start this month off with a mod.  @ensou04 has created this mod to allow other modders to add better engine sounds to their own mods:


Next, we have @seyMonsters submission thread for easy to fly, and land airplanes.    Some really great designs in there guys!


We have the Elkano by plane, the Elkano by boat, and even an Elkano by land (with some boats required :D), but now @Hotel26 brings us the circumnavigation of Kerbin by helicopter!


Kerbals are known for their ingenuity, but not often for their adherence to safety regulations.   In this wonderful little creation, @Makc_Gordonattempts to bring both of these things together:


And to wrap things up, it might be a mainly American holiday, but we can all be thankful for something, especially during this extremely trying year we've had, and @AlamoVampireasks us just what that is:



Congratulations to all our winners of the Threads of the Month for December 2020.  Place the badge found at the top of this post on your thread or in your signature, and display it with pride!  Many thanks to @Stone Blueand @The Doodling Astronaut for nominating threads this month.   If you find a thread you think is worthy of being honored in upcoming TOTM's, and it hasn't been showcased before, use the report button found on the tab on each post and let us know!

As always, our beautiful badges are done by @adsii1970.

Congratulations to all the winners again!


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45 minutes ago, QvestionAnswerNeeded said:

How long does it take to select a group of the top forum posts?

A month. :P

45 minutes ago, QvestionAnswerNeeded said:

Do you read through every one on the forum posted this month?

41 minutes ago, RealKerbal3x said:

The threads are nominated by the community, not chosen by the moderators.

We rely on the community to nominate threads they think are emblematic of the best our forums have to offer. We are also community members, so there's a little leeway if we nominate something that we think is particularly good.


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(On a mobile device. I am hoping that the formatting doesn't get messed up.)

18 minutes ago, KerballingSmasher said:

Just realized this is the last time we'll be seeing the 2020 badges. @adsii1970, any teasers for next year's TOTM badges? Will they simply change the number again?

I'm working on some proofs now. Most of my artwork has been 2D with a hint at 3D with shadowing and light sources. 

Of course, the numbers will change, but I have some ideas. I might throw out some proofs next week...

Thank you for asking...

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Have just seen this re the Kerbin Helicopter Circumnavigation challenge: my gratitude to the Moderation Team and particularly also to any/all Nominators!!  I hope a lot of participants and spectators get a lot of fun out of this "hike"!

If you fly "choppers", please come and join in and share the fun!

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1 minute ago, KerballingSmasher said:

One might say it's time to... get to da choppah XD

IMAOOOOO... hey puns r my line

Tryin' to think of one...

"Time to choppah to fun" 

Ok that was terrible :/


On 12/2/2020 at 1:18 AM, AlamoVampire said:

Wow! 3 months running, I am speechless! Thank you to whomever nominated my thread this month!

Uh oh... let me get the ventilator... oh wait a minute your not that kind of speechless... ok just checkin' 

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