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[WIP][1.10.x]Akme Fuel Depot—Kerbified Real-ish Fuels

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This mod adds a much-simplified version of real fuels (not Real Fuels). Basically, liquid-fuel rockets come in three flavors: kerbolox, burning kerbosene and liquid oxygen; hydrolox, burning liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen; and hypergolic, burning hyprazol and nitrox. The fuel ratios are simpler than in Real Fuels: 37.5% kerbosene/62.5% LO₂, 75% LH₂/25% LO₂, and 45% hyprazol/55% nitrox. All fuels are adjusted to take up 1.0 liter, including monoprop, solid fuel, and xenon.

Requires Community Resource Pack, Cryo Engines, and B9 Part Switch; the latter is only required because all the stock hydrolox engine configs would be a straight copy of its patches, and I’m debating whether it’s worth duplicating. The fuel switcher here should override Cryo Tank’s; I’m used to modding only for myself and nuking every patch with a FINAL tag in Mod Manager, so paying attention to order is still a bit new.

In the future, I’ll be working on updating resource configs, especially for Rational Resources; I’m still thinking through numbers on that. I have a config for kerbolox fuel cells, which will eventually go here. I’m sure there are a million things I’m forgetting to mention, just like “hey, I should’ve included CRP, B9PartSwitch, and Module Manager in the upload.”

This all came about because I was wishing for an “in-between” fuel mod, like USI Life Support: enough of the flavor of a more detailed mod (TAC-LS or Real Fuels) to make things interesting, but not enough to bog down in bookkeeping. I mean, seriously, I’ve crunched so many more numbers than I need to for this much detail; I don’t need to spend even more time in Excel than in-game. So when thinking about it, I misread “kerolox” as “kerbolox,” and most of the rest of it came pretty quickly. “Hyprazol” is obviously a stand-up guyization of “hydrazine” and “hypergol” (with a brief stop at “hyperkol”), and “nitrox” is the best I could do for N₂O₄; it’s not great, but it’s a start.

Download from Spacedock or Github; probably will go on Curseforge too, eventually, but not right now. Any feedback is welcome; as I said, I’ve done tons of modding, just none for other people, so I’m sure there are tons of things I’ve overlooked.


MPL 2.0.

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