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- MK2 Iva Work in Progress only girls can fly  (resolved)-

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hi !

I'm currently working to change the cockpit "mk2CockpitStandardInternals", I use it a lot in carrier mode right now to go explore all the anomalies of kerbin with a VTOL plane.

I wanted a cockpit a little more complex.

I redone the instruments to my taste always on a basis DE_IVA extensions, added one seat behind the two originals seat.

redone the lighting with props aset same function as with MK1-3 cockpit.


for InternalSeat and seat transform name i use :  Seat1, Seat2 and Seat3 for portraitCameraName i use : PilotCam1 .. 2.. 3.

all this compiles well no error in ksp but .........

the male kerbals do not interfere with the instruments, only the ladies :wub: and this on the two places in front, on the other hand these gentlemen can activate the instruments of the rear place.


So I have no idea why and how !!!, this only happens on this iva, I took over the cockpit settings mk1-3 re-test the MK1-3 no problem this only happens with the new mk2CockpitStandardInternals.

If you have any suggestions I thank you in advance, I have already spent a certain number of hours only on this problem without result....


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hi !

I find the problem.... i hope !!!

it's a problem with the space suits, the first one does not work well the one that has the option ESA, only the switches located at the bottom of the dashboard work

the other two space suits allow access to the whole dashboard and everything works.

there is a difference in height in the view male and female kerbal, the settings view for jeb in height and perfect but valentina it is lower.

I use kerbalEyeOffset to regulate the view, I think it's a problem of distance with the first space suit (esa), the problem is that if I too downhill the view of valentina is going to be even lower .

I have a question is that the displayseatName function - #autoLoc_6002197 for example influences the height position of the kerbal ?

steph .


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hello !

Working on mask border and test export. working on MFD asset too.

now there is good fit between IVA and cockpit part.

I will try to integrate JSI CAM in exterior model with animation, I also think to animate the two windows lateral, opening and closing , Not simple all his things there is very little information.


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