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Method to apply Custom sort across all forums?


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There used to be a method to list all unread threads (those that have had new posts since the last time I visited) regardless of the sub-forum.

With this newest UI, I can visit a sub-forum (eg, KSP Discussion), select Sort-By->Custom->Last Reply: My Last Login.  At that point, I see what I want and the URL adds these interesting bits at the end of the forum name:


Is there a way to do this across all forums?  If I can figure out the URL build, it becomes a great bookmark to drop in with.


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That works within a forum, sure, but doesn't cross forums.  As a test to confirm that, I went to Breaking Ground Discussion and marked that entire hierarchy as read.  The one following it had plenty unread.  I then went into to the multiple articles in Breaking Ground Discussion and there is no "Next unread topic" available.


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