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21 hours ago, Tristen Simon said:

How were the Kerbals created?

HarvesteR has long since left the building, so these questions may be difficult to answer.  How they build stuff now may not be anything like how he did back in the day.

I do know that even in the earliest public releases, well before EVA, kerbals were already fully rendered 3d objects, not placeholders.

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On 12/8/2020 at 6:51 PM, Tristen Simon said:

How were the Kerbals created? How was the Kerbol System created? How long did it take to release version 1.0?

According to Nova before they left and scrapped the planned story mode, a race had accidentally zipped their planet way beyond Kerbol. In a bid to keep life going, they launched monoliths into the system and created Kerbals. Not sure why they didn't just send manned craft instead of heavy glorified bricks. 

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Might as well tell the story myself, since I was there when it happened....


In the beginning, there were Kerbals...  

But before that, there weren't any. They hadn't been invented yet.

 Instead there were two teenage boys with a rocket model kit. They were twins. There more handsome one and most unbiased storyteller of the two was me.  The other was HarvesteR, but he didn't call himself that back then. I probably hadn't even thought of "Moach" either... This was a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away....


The rockets in the kit were soggy with damp. They wouldn't fire.   While waiting for them to dry out in the sun, I fiddled with other stuff from the model kit and it's packaging. Lots of cardboard bits, and tape. And there was tin-foil there too for some reason.

That tin foil was rolled up by mischievously idle hands into a humanoid shape, I then called up to my brother, who was tinkering with the kit's launch tower and announced:  "Hey look, he's gonna be our pilot!" - That he was meant to be an alien is intrinsic to teenage character-building processes everywhere, so I had to name his kind right then. Thus I quickly added: "He's a... Kerbo!"


We knew he wouldn't live for long....


What happened afterwards has already been told by another most gallant and totally unbiased narrator, who just happens to also have been  me.   The tale continues here:





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@Moach  thanks again for that.  I remember it from before, but great to read it again.

Off topic I know, but this reminded me...

A longish while ago now I was watching a 'reality' show called 'Ice Lake Rebels' and a passing tourist called Felipe was rescued after crashing his snowmobile.  I wondered at the time, and a few times since, if this could, by chance, be Harvester doing some 'travelling' after leaving KSP, as he seemed the right sort of age and looked vaguely familiar, and it struck me as just the kind of thing he might do.  Was that him by any chance? Probably not, but - curiosity - you know.

I know TV shows can over dramatise these things at times, but this guy really did seem very lucky to have been found in time.

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That wasn't him. I think I remember that episode too - "Felipe" is just a really common name, that's all (It's just the Latin variant of "Phillip")

The furthest north either of us have been is just around Vancouver. That's the only part of Canada where people still find snow a pretty morning sight, rather than refer to it as "that white sh..."


I think also that episode was aired some time before he left Squad, I loosely recall seeing it some time between 2014 and 2016.  That was one year too soon for that theory in any case.

Am I an old man for remembering how historically, the History Channel used to have documentaries about actual History?




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