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Looking for an engine/part failure mod, for stock parts, not real fuels dependent.

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Is there an up to date engine, or part/engine failure mod that will work on stock. I'm looking for something like what I see in RP-0/ RP-1 where there's a chance for engine failure, but repeated uses of an engine make it less likely to fail. I can't find anything current that doesn't depend on real fuels, other than Oh scrap, which may not be up to date, but seems to have the down side that if you use the stage recovery mod or land and recover your spent stages/craft, the engines start to fail from being used too many times. I don't want that. I'm just looking for a simple failure mod that improves reliability over time, without having to worry about how many times an engine might get re-used. I'd appreciate any pointers toward any mods like that.

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22 minutes ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

Have you looked at “Dang It!”? Not one I’ve actually used but I think it does at least some of what you want.

yeah dang it is one i looked at, but it's just a random failure mod, as far as i understand it. parts don't get more reliable the more you use or test them.

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2 hours ago, eberkain said:

Kerbalism, tho its much more than just engine failures

Yeah, I'm actually using kerbalism with a config that only loads the science system, and removes the rest. I tried building my own config that just removed the life support systems, which is really all that I don't want, but once I removed the life support rules from the config, I kept getting Kerbalism screaming at me that I needed the community resource pack installed to use Kerbalism, even though I do have it installed, so I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I like the research and even the radiation eviroment of kerbin, and I'm curious about the part failures but I've absolutely 0 interest in any life support mods. That's just a little too much micro for me.

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