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Materials - How does "Diffuse Bumped Specular (mapped)" work if it's not standard spec-gloss?

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I've been trying to get this going for days. Is there anyone who can explain how this shader is supposed to work? I've tried every combination of channels, is the below correct? It's the best I can figure trying to look at the shader code in Parttools.  The models still appear to have a complete metal or some other over-arching value applied to the gloss or specular values.  Thanks all, this has been driving me nuts!

Diffuse File:

RGB - Diffuse map

A - Gloss map


RGB - Normal map


RGB - Specular Map

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You're more or less correct. However there is no need for the A channel in the diffuse slot because it is unused.

But... you'll notice something missing. Sadly, you can't do accurate PBR in KSP because the shader doesn't implement smoothness/roughness as a map, only as a single value for the whole material. 


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