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RSS/RO/RP-1 on 1.8.1 crashes to desktop frequently

Zeiss Ikon


Title says it -- I followed the instruction page very carefully, aside from leaving out a couple mods I don't like or don't expect to use (Atmospheric Autopilot, for instance -- KCT has combined VAB and SPH build queues so there's no longer a significant advantage to flying planes -- you have to choose to build planes instead of rockets rather than in parallel with rockets, and you have to choose which building to upgrade on start since you only get one upgrade point to begin).  I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 (yes, I know, EOL in five months -- am I the only one in the computer world who doesn't like having to learn a new interface every couple years?), 64-bit, with directly downloaded KSP freshly installed, without Making History or Breaking Ground, for the RP-1 installation.


Here's my directory of mod folders:


000_ClickThroughBlocker          ModuleManager.Physics
000_FilterExtensions             ModuleManager.TechTree
000_FilterExtensions_Configs     NonNonRP0
000_TexturesUnlimited            NoNonRO
001_ToolbarControl               PatchManager
AJE                              PlanetShine
Audio Muffler Redux              Principia
B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings     ProceduralFairings
B9PartSwitch                     ProceduralFairings-ForEverything
BahaSP                           ProceduralParts
CommunityResourcePack            RCSBuildAid
ContractConfigurator             RealAntennas
CustomBarnKit                    RealChute
Custom_FARAeroData.cfg           RealFuels
DeadlyReentry                    RealHeat
DistantObject                    RealismOverhaul
DMagicOrbitalScience             RealPlume
DMagicScienceAnimate             RealSolarSystem
EditorExtensionsRedux            ReStock
EngineGroupController            RetractableLiftingSurface
EngineLight                      ROCapsules
EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements  ROEngines
FerramAerospaceResearch          ROLib
Firespitter                      ROSolar
FShangarExtender                 ROTanks
Historian                        RP-0
Kerbalism                        RSSDateTime
KerbalismConfig                  RSS-Textures
KerbalJointReinforcement         RSSVE
KerbalRenamer                    scatterer
KerbalWind                       SmokeScreen
Kopernicus                       SolverEngines
KRASH                            Squad
KSCSwitcher                      SXT
MagiCore                         TestLite
MechJeb2                         TriggerTech
ModularFlightIntegrator          TUFX
ModuleManager.4.1.4.dll          VenStockRevamp
ModuleManager.ConfigCache        ZeroMiniAVC
ModuleManager.ConfigSHA          zFinal_FilterExtensions

This is a "light" install that I built for testing -- it's hard to elimination test, because RP-1 isn't really playable with just the core mods, Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1 (parts shortages) -- so I can't be sure the issue isn't already present at that time.  By the time I get to the bottom of Section 2 on the installation page, the problem has started to appear.  I do know that any attempt to edit a procedural engine from Simple Procedural Engines (the latest version, compatible with 1.8.1) will produce the crash reliably (so I haven't installed it in this test install), but otherwise, it just takes longer.

The issue is that, at random-seeming times, in editor or during a flight, the game will crash to desktop (especially annoying due to the startup times for this heavily modded install).  In editor, it's usually after duplicating a part or building on too many parts before saving; in flight, it typically happens around staging (so far, when dropping an expended Tiny Tim to let the WAC Corporal sustainer continue to near-space).  This sounds like a load issue or garbage collection error.  I'm not out of RAM; I have 16 GB physical RAM installed, separate VRAM on the GTx750, and according to htop I'm only using about 9.5 GB (including all open background tasks -- paused BOINC tasks, SeaMonkey browser if open, etc.) and virtually no swap (a couple hundred MB, which I think is minimum).  My processor is AMD Fx8350 (8 cores, 8 threads, 4.2 GHz maximum clock, as optimized as I can make it for performance reasons).

I'm happy to reproduce the crash and then post a log in my Dropbox share, but I'll need specifics on what file that is.

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Further testing suggests there may be a memory leak somewhere in the install.  When I first start the game and load the save, htop reports about 8.5-8.7 GB RAM in use; by the time it crashes, it's at 10.5+ GB -- and it always crashes before it hits 11 GB, any time I've had htop open.  Not sure why, since there's 4+ GB remaining free.

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After upgrading from Ubuntu Mate 16.04 to Kubuntu 20.04.1 (kernel 5.4.something, 64-bit) -- i get the exact same results.  Something triggers (clicking too soon after another operation in VAB, for instance, or changing from Space Center to Launch Pad to launch a rolled-out rocket) and the sound stops playing, then after  few seconds I'll get just a little snippet of sound and the entire window is gone.

Just in case anyone has been avoiding helping because I haven't included enough information: AMD FX8350 (8 cores/8 threads, 4.2 GHz max clock), 16 GB RAM, nVidia GTX 750 w/ 1 GB RAM on PCIe x16 w/ nVidia 440 Linux drivers.  Main save has the above list of mods, plus some parts mods (British Rockets, for instance).  I'd like to use Simple Procedural Engines, but if I install it, I get a crash one or two clicks into configuring a procedural engine, every single time.

Sometimes it'll crash as soon as I've gone into the VAB and Spaceplane Hangar enough times to get the Space Center deglitched (launching from Brownsville or White Sands) -- and sometimes it'll let me play for a couple hours, fly an X-Plane contract and launch a couple rockets (currently atmospheric and suborbital, game date is in 1954).

Anything to look for, attach, etc.?

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