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  • modular girder segements that work like strut connector(drag and attach from poit a to b) and with radial attachment options 
  • MK2 body with more fuel, its now just a mk1 with lifting surface, there is room for more IMO(i change the .cfg for now, but still)
  • wings that have a top and bottom(small amount fof lift without being at an angle)
  • rotate docking port after docking.
  • missions and career mode integration (missions as contracts for starters), new repair contracts are step in the good direction
  • More kerbal pilot skills: hold horizon, hold altitude, hold speed(i use a mod for this now)
  • QoL simulate stages in editor so you can plan you CoM, CoT and CoL troughout the flight before loading in
  • QoL Collect fuel at fueltank X, nice for refueling from an to vessels with a boatload of tanks, and chance the CoM on the fly
  • QoL more trakking station orgipedantng options like filters and save as commnetwork(group vessels)
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  • Girders as struts- would be a computational headache as soon as you decoupled anything, what do the connected parts do?
  • Mk2 capacity- a Mk2 fuselage is just a 1.25m cylinder with some bits stuck on the sides to generate lift, there isn’t really any additional internal volume to put tanks;
  • Wings don’t work like that in KSP, even using FAR and procedural wings;
  • There are mods that contain rotating docking ports as well as docking ports that only dock in a fixed orientation, plus you could use MachJeb’s docking or SAS modes and set ‘force roll’ to orient the part you’re about to dock in the direction you want;
  • If you’re referring to Making History missions, they’re standalone for a reason;
  • Pilots only do the same thing that probe SAS does, there are mods for more precise/specific controls if you need that sort of thing;
  • Try detaching your stages in the editor and look at the CoM/L/T?
  • Unclear what you mean by ‘collect fuel at fuel tank X’- is this a contract suggestion?
  • Try the Tracking Station Evolved mod, it groups vessels by type, parent body and time since launch with the ability to search and rename vessels from the tracking station; if you want to create satellite networks then try CommNet Constellation which lets you set different frequencies for each individual antenna if you so wish;
  • No need for more stock planets when there are so many planet mods out there, try OPM (3 gas giants with moons plus a Pluto analog with moons), Corelian, Valor or one of the other planet packs which feature new planets for the stock system- or be adventurous and try a new solar system like Galileo’s planet pack, Grannus or Beyond Home.
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I wish that the kerbals have specialized EVA suit based on their job occupation, complete with specialized abilities and features. I've made a concept for it long time ago

Pilot: can use maneuver nodes while in EVA, jetpack has extra fuel and has more powerful thrusters strong enough to be used as actual jetpack on atmospheric condition. Suits has much more G and heat tolerance. Maneuverability and controls for EVA movement is more responsive. Parachute has more air control. More options while piloting craft such as "leveling aircraft"

Engineer: can use mining auger to perform small scale mining, with onboard micro ISRU providing refueling capabilities for EVA jetpack for self or other kerbals. Has onboard solar panels on EVA suit that can be used to passively recharge nearby batteries or drone cores. Has a small onboard antenna to transmit science report from nearby Kerbal or craft (it's much weaker than even the weakest antenna, but better than nothing). Has brighter and wider flashlight illumination area

Scientist: can carry handheld experiments and other scientific instrument items on EVA backpack's slot, allowing the science experiments to be conducted with boots on the ground (different from the one slapped on the craft of plopped on the ground). Automatically refresh the non-repeatable experiments and has more options for "no tool science" than pilot or engineer while on the ground other than "take surface sample" and "sitrep". Can store several science report of the same type (but not unlimited like experiment storage box). Reduced scientific efficiency loss when collecting same science report over and over again

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