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KSP2 Episode 2 - The Kerbals Discussion Thread

Kerminator K-100

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Tim Cox was a dear friend of ours, one of the most kind hearted individuals I've ever known, and an incredible artist.
As the video explains, he evolved the look and feel of the kerbal models and their design for KSP2, along with many of the new rocket parts.
I've made sure he also lives on in his own creation, as Tim C. Kerman. You can see a shot or 2 of him in his black and orange space suit in the video as well.

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So I heared a mention of multiplayer! Specifically how the faces of the kerbals and their expressions are KEY to how multiplayer in this game works. I interpret this as meaning you can get a crew of freinds and thag is what they are hinting at. Maybe someone can rewatch it and get a better idea but this is very exiting!

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4 minutes ago, OvinandRusk said:

what is this that i heard about 2023???!?!?!?

It is a joke, trolling dont worry

Zimm liked the post btw, I am taking that as evidence

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Had to add the fact that Zimm liked it which is more evidence. Just trying to help a fellow kerbonaut
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8 hours ago, RealKerbal3x said:


Maybe we could ask @Nate Simpson

Zimm already answered you, but I wanted to add how happy I am to get a chance to sing Tim's praises.

Very early in this project, he was the only modeler working on the prototype - he built our first PBR assets, our first full collection of rocket parts, and our first interstellar ship. He also went through a GAJILLION iterations on those first Kerbals. There was so much weight on him to get those first assets to a place where they could be used as the quality bar for everything that came after. You see a lot of his work in our announcement trailer - the multistage rocket, the interstellar ship over Jool - that's 90% stuff that he built.

I remember the first time we got PBR shaders and lighting working in the prototype, how much it blew our minds. We both just sat together and stared at a shot of a small ship spinning in space, with all the dynamic reflections and lighting - both just grinning like idiots and shaking our heads. There was a universe of promise in that one shot, and ever since then our team's goal has been to deliver on that promise.

Tim and I met in 2001 at a little game company in Costa Mesa, and we were friends right out of the gate. We swapped Dr. Evil impressions while walking to the local 7-Eleven every afternoon. Our careers took us to separate locations, but never for very long - we both ended up in Seattle and kept up the afternoon walks (to the local donut shop now, while quoting Matt Berry's UK Rowing video).  

Tim had an amazing family who loved him and whom he loved very much. And we all loved him too. I miss him every day.

I hope with all my heart that a little bit of his light will shine through in the finished game. I know he loved what we were building, and I can't see the Kerbals without seeing him too. 

We love you Tim! 

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