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"Reverse" pass the parcel: EVA Construction Mode shenanigans

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The goal of this challenge is to play a community game of "reverse" pass the parcel. Players will take turns transporting a parcel back and forth between the KSC and the Island Airfield, using the EVA Construction Mode to add a part to the parcel each time it's shuttled between the KSC and Airfield. The last team to transport the parcel successfully is the victor.


  • There are 2 notional teams: "Team KSC" and "Team Airfield"
  • Players take turns sequentially.
  • Players can submit entries for one or both teams.
  • Players can enter more than once, the only restriction is that a single player may not take 2 turns in a row.

Each Turn:

  • Choose 1 part that does not already exist on the parcel (the parcel may not have the same part added twice).
  • Transport the parcel to the other team's home turf using your creativity and ingenuity
    • Team KSC: Home turf is anywhere within the grounds of the KSC.
    • Team Airfield: Home turf is anywhere on the island that contains the Island Airfield.
  • Using the EVA construction mode, add that part to the parcel permanently.
  • You can add the part to the parcel before, during or after the journey.
  • The journey does not necessarily need to take the shortest path between the KSC and the Airfield.
  • The parcel must survive the journey intact.
  • You may not use any resources from the parcel.

Other rules:

  • Team Airfield can use the Airfield launch option from the VAB or debug menu to place their craft on the island initially as a convenience.
  • Stock parts only. No modded parts or DLC parts - this is to ensure maximum compatibility for all players. If you use a mod such as MechJeb or KER  make sure that no modded parts corrupt the save.
  • As a courtesy to the other team, don't intentionally block the runway or launchpad.
  • No Kraken drives or similar exploits.
  • Keep it clean, have fun and don't go looking for loopholes.


  • If a team succeeds in making the parcel too large or awkward to transport any further, then that team is victorious.
  • If every possible part has been added to the parcel and there are no unique parts left to add, then both teams share a joint victory against the Kraken.


  • Add a post to the thread requesting a turn (or DM me) and I'll add you to the turn queue.
  • When notified that it's your turn, download the latest save file from Github.
  • Take your turn then save the game as a new save file named in the format "<turn number> - part name". For example, the current save file is named "001 - hubmax,okto2". If you add a mystery goo, then name your save file "002 - mysterygoo". The next player would then name their file something like "003 - z100" and so on.
  • Open a PR in Github or upload the file somewhere publicly accessible.
  • Create a post in the thread with photos or video documenting your journey and include the link.
  • Try to keep turns reasonably quick (within 24 hours) to keep things flowing. No problems if you have real life obligations, just let me know and we can either work out a small extension or bump you one or two places down the queue.

Turn Queue:

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???

The parcel is currently on the apron in front of the SPH awaiting transport to the Island Airfield...

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